How To Naturally Boost Your Energy Levels? (And The Answer is Not Coffee)

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Do you often find yourself yawning around 2 pm with a strong desire to crawl under the covers and cancel the rest of your day? If the answer is yes, you are definitely not alone. The 2 pm slump is a real thing, especially after the year we've had. Here are some of the best ways to naturally increase your energy levels without downing yet another cup of coffee.

Fresh Air Will Do You Good

Oxygen-filled fresh air will do wonders for your focus, concentration, clarity, and overall energy levels as it will refresh every cell in your body and give it a nice boost in the most natural way possible. If you have the option to do so, get outside your house or office and take a short, brisk walk. Even 10 minutes is more than enough for you to feel a hundred times better.

Squats Are Not Just A Workout

If you don't have the time to do a proper workout, get up from your chair and do 15 fast air-squats. Your heart will start racing, your entire body will get activated and alert, and as a result, you'll boost your endorphins and increase your energy levels. Repeat this 3-5 times and you'll be happy to sit down and actually get some work done.

Skip The Elevator

When yawning becomes too hard to handle, wake yourself up by going up and down a flight of stairs. Your blood will start rushing to every area of your body and your brain will get an instant refresh, making you ready to tackle the rest of your day. All you really need is a few minutes and you'll notice a huge change.

Don't Forget To Hydrate

Sometimes when fatigue creeps up upon us, it might be due to a lack of hydration. We've probably all heard about the "8 glasses a day" rule, but how many of us do actually drink all 8? It's not like we're really counting.
Being dehydrated is actually more common than we think, especially with the winter weather and heating drying out indoor spaces. So when you start feeling drowsy, try drinking a full glass of water and see if that changes how you feel. It might just be the only thing you need to regain your energy and focus.

Fuel Up

One of the best ways to quickly increase your energy levels is by eating energizing food, such as a banana, mango, dates, or a handful of nuts. Fruits that are high in sugar will naturally give you an energy boost and the high-content fat in nuts is known to improve brain function and increase focus.
You can eat them separately or blend them up in a smoothie with some quality plant-based milk, and you've got yourself an energy bomb that will definitely fuel the rest of your afternoon.

Dance Your Heart Out

Sometimes all you really need to lift your spirits up and refill your energy tank is to move your body. It doesn't have to be anything specific, so if you're someone who loves dancing, this is the perfect time to bust a move.
If you're working from home, put on your favorite tunes and do an impromptu dance around the house. It will elevate your endorphins and stimulate the production of serotonin, your happiness hormone, which will in turn make you more awake and alert.

Hop In The Shower

If you're finding it hard to concentrate on your to-do list, take a short break and hop in the shower. Make sure the water is lukewarm or even cold-ish if you can stand it, and let it literally refresh every cell in your body. After you're finished, that to-do list won't look so intimidating anymore.

Belt a Tune

Singing shouldn't be reserved just for the shower, it's a great way to wake up your brain cells and get your energy back. It will work wonders on your stress levels and increase your endorphins, giving you an emotional high your body will recognize as a wake-up call. If you're in an office setting and can't really exercise your vocal cords, take a short trip to the bathroom or even to your car and get the musical therapy treatment your fatigued brain so desperately needs.

Stretch It Out

Stretching your body can help you wake up your muscles and send fresh blood into even the most distant cells, supplying them with oxygen and helping them function properly. Sitting in front of your computer for long periods of time can make you feel tired and fatigued because the lack of movement slows down your metabolism and the rate your blood gets pushed around in your body.
Doing some office-friendly stretches and those that are specifically targetting your sacrum or your slouched-up shoulders are the best way to go as they're easy to perform and don't require a lot of time, but still deliver instant results.

Adjust Room Temperature

Cold weather makes us crank up the temperature, and even though it gives us a nice feeling of comfort and coziness, it can also make us sleepy and ready to climb up under the covers. Bring your temperature down to the 66-68° range and feel your head getting clearer. Sometimes, that's all it takes.

Take a Power Nap

If none of the abovementioned tricks work, it might be a good idea to take a power nap. When done right, power naps can be great energy and productivity boosters, but it takes a while to master them. In order to maximize their efficiency, make sure you're not going over the 20-minute mark (i.e. set an alarm), darken your room, eliminate all distractions, and once you wake up, go straight back to your tasks. Your brain will feel brand new!

There's plenty of ways to deal with the afternoon fatigue, so all that's left is to see which ones work for you best.

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