Where Are You On Your Self-care Resolution Checklist?

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Spring is in full bloom and it might be a good time to do a bit of self-reflection and see where you stand on your self-care resolution checklist.

From all of the things you've vowed yourself to do when the clock struck midnight on January 1st, which ones have you actually stayed consistent with; which ones did you not even start, and which ones did you completely forget about? Now's the time to find out.

Resolutions You Wanted To Start

NY resolution checklists almost always seem to look like a mix of attainable and unattainable goals, dreams, wishes, and desires; some of which we really want and some of which we think we want. Usually, that's the biggest reason why we tend to stick to some while others fall down the drain. It takes a bit of exploration and practice to actually figure out if what you wanted to start with makes sense for you and your lifestyle.

Let's say you wanted to start meditating before you go to bed. After you've finished your night time routine, you climb under the covers, put on a meditation app on your phone, and close your eyes, waiting for that "zen moment of peace" to come to you. And you're aware that meditation is hard and that no one can achieve it overnight, so you have good ideas about it before you've even started.

Still, no matter what you do, you end up falling asleep or your mind can't stop racing from all the thoughts that happened that day, and knowing you're about to close your eyes and meditate once you get into bed is actually causing you more anxiety and stress than relaxation. So you force yourself day after day after day...until you're well into March, not even one step further from where you started, which adds on to the frustration.

Self-reflection on your "failed" meditation self-care routine can help you figure out what's wrong. Maybe you should try meditating in the morning when you're less tired and your mind is clear; maybe delete the meditation app from your phone and put on some white sounds; maybe ditch the whole "I should be meditating" idea altogether and sign up for meditation classes in your area or try with something different before you even start with the ancient technique.

Described above is just one of the possible self-care resolutions you might have put on your list as new things you want to implement in 2021, but it applies to them all. There are so many self-care routines out there, and neither one of them works for every person. Just because you put it on the list, doesn't mean you can't scratch it out and try something else.If you're looking at your list and saying "Oh boy, I haven't even started yet!," calm down and remember: It's never too late to start with your self-care resolutions; January 1st doesn't need to be the ideal start date for anyone.I

f, on the other hand, you've successfully started implementing a new self-care routine, pat yourself on the back and stay consistent with it. Whatever works to bring your stress levels down is an amazing addition to your lifestyle. Keep at it!

Resolutions You Wanted To Continue

What about those self-care nuggets you've implemented in 2020 and realized worked for you so you put them on this year's list as well? They are obviously important for your physical and mental health if you wrote them down as resolutions you want to stay consistent with. If you kept up, good for you; but if you didn't, don't beat yourself up about it and find the reason why.

Things change, and so does everything around them. Maybe your Tuesday night home spa pampering isn't possible anymore because you've picked up a new work shift, or your morning journaling got replaced by pregnancy morning sickness, or the park behind your office got demolished so you can't do your midday power walks. Whatever it is, work your way around it and try to figure out how to keep up with your self-care routines, even if it means adapting them a little. 

Sometimes even, the things that worked so well for you in 2020 don't seem to work anymore, and that's ok. NY resolutions aren't written in stone and they definitely aren't something you should hold on to for dear life. Situations change, people change, life changes; and it's on us to constantly search and optimize what self-care means to us at any given moment. 

Resolutions You Wanted To Stop

And then there are those things on your list you wanted to abandon in 2021, like not warming up before your workouts or going to bed without taking your make-up off. These are all of the rituals you realized aren't serving your self-care purposes or are actually harmful to your overall health. If you've focused your attention to making significant changes and banishing all the "bad" habits, cudos to you. I

f, on the other hand you're still guilty of making them, take the necessary steps today. Let today be your first day of staying home instead of saying no to a third night out in a row when you know you need more sleep, and let today mark the beginning of adding more vegetables into your diet and cooking your own dinner instead of ordering take out just because it's easier and more convenient. 

There's never a right or wrong date to start switching your life around, so instead of feeling guilty over not doing what you set out to do, take out the NY resolutions list and start over. There's no better time than now. 

NY self-care resolutions can be everything from leaving your phone in the other room during night and making a healthy breakfast to finally signing up for morning yoga classes and continuing your training for a marathon. Still, there are no rules on how or when you'll actually implement them, so give yourself a break, and let that be your biggest self-care resolution this year.

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