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Negative emotions can creep up when we least expect them and they can completely overwhelm our entire lives. If you're finding yourself in a situation where you think nothing can go your way and you simply cannot see a way out, try these tricks before you cancel yet another night out with your friends.

Learn How To Be Grateful

It may sound cheezy, but learning how to be grateful is one of the most successful anti-negativity techniques as it turns the attention towards people, situations, and things that make us happy and whose mere existence brings a smile on our face. It's not just about acknowledging them and writing them down in your journal, it's about actually acting upon it and making a conscious choice to show your gratitude by making them a bigger part of your life.

Love your coffee dates with your friend Anna? Tell her that the next time you see her, let her know how much you appreciate her friendship and that you'd love to schedule your meet-ups once a week to be able to share experiences and talk to  someone whose positive energy lights up your life. Not only this be a transformative experience for you, it will undoubtedly be wonderful to hear for her as well.

Continuing in the same tone, make an effort to acknowledge all the little (and big) things that happen to you on the daily you should be grateful for, and actually take a second to stop and BE grateful you get to experience them. Your morning coffee? Take a moment and close your eyes while drinking that first sip. Your trusty car? Grab the steering wheel and thank it for being your loyal companion taking you wherever you need to go as well as being your shelter when it rains cats and dogs. The fact your favorite food item was in stock? Do a mini-dance and think about what a delicious dish you'll be able to create for dinner.

Simple things like this will send the negative thoughts away and help you be more present when all these wonderful things happen. Stress and worries can easily cloud our thoughts and make us only see the negatives, when in reality, there are so many positive things we should be focusing on in turn.

Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

Every once in a while, it's a really good idea to step outside your established routine and venture into new surroundings, create new experiences, and even develop new feelings. Sticking with the same old, same old, can rarely yield different results and make you see things from a different perspective, so instead of trying to "fake it till you make it", try doing and experiencing something new and let it bring out new emotions which can potentially even influence some of the old ones.

Whether it's something small as trying out a different restaurant or actually using that air-fryer your mom got you for Christmas, or bigger like booking a ticket to an exotic destination or buying a paddleboard (embrace the trends); do it and let yourself experience the positive anxiety of being excited about the unknown. There are no guarantees in life, so no one knows if you'll end up liking whatever you chose to do, but it'll take you out of your head and your daily routine and make you realize there's more things to explore if you just allow yourself to do it.

Reframe Your Thoughts And Words

This exercise might seem a bit hard in the beginning, but once you start doing it on the regular, you'll be surprised by how easy it is to train your brain. It goes as follows: you take a negative word, phrase, statement, or thought and turn it into a positive.

  • Turn "terrible, horrible" and all their synonyms to "not so bad, could be better, needs improving"
  • Turn "I hate/I can't stand" to "I am not a fan/I prefer (whatever is the other side of it)"
  • Turn "Problem" to "Challenge"
  • Turn "Stupid and boring" to "not challenging/creative enough"
  • Instead of saying "This is too much, I can't do it" say "I don't have to do all of it at once"
  • Instead of thining "I'm a failure", go with "I am still learning"
  • Instead of "I should just quit", try with "I should ask for help"
  • Instead of saying "I'm so exhausted and stresed" try saying "I need some rest and self-care"

You get the gist of it. Try playing with your vocabulary and switching up the negative words you're using into their positive versions. Sometimes it will be their direct opposite and maybe even a way to solve a problem you might be facing; other times it will just be a little softer way to describe your unfavorable situation - whatever the case may be, it's removing the negative emotions connected to them, and that's the ultimate goal.

Avoid Judgement And Preconcieved Notions

More often than not, people find themselves developing feelings and thoughts before anything even happened, and that's due to similar situations they've experienced in the past, stories they've heard from others with more information on the subject, their self-consciousness (or lack thereof), fear (of rejection, failure, not being good enough), jelaousy and envy, or shame.

Stepping away from this practice allows you to get into every situation with an open heart full of possibilities without blocking yourself from even giving it a chance. Negative emotions that fuel your preconcieved notions and judgmental thoughts are powerful and it's hard to work against them, so try to prevent them from happening in the first place and controlling your experiences.

In this day and life it's easy to get overwhelmed with negative emotions and get stuck in a loop you can't seem to find a way out of. Take control of your actions and reactions and make it your mission to switch out negativity for hope and positivity.

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