4 Reasons Why Wearing The Right Gym Clothes Improves Your Workouts

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There finally seems to be a real excuse for swiping your credit card in Lululemon a little more often as new technologies reform the ways fabrics are being processed, increase durability and breathability, and not only make us look better, but also seem to improve our workouts.

It comes as no surprise then, that so many new athletic wear companies have made great success in recent years, as everyone’s trying to find the best fit and feel. Here are 4 main reasons why investing in the right gym clothes might be your best fitness resolution this year.

Confidence Boost

Miuccia Prada said it best with her famous "What you wear is how you present yourself to the world" quote. Wearing an outfit that makes you feel good in your body sends your confidence to a whole new level, and it can be seen everywhere, from business suits and elegant designs to haute couture and athletic wear. There’s just something powerful about an outfit that changes the way we act, feel, and even physically stand. We exude specific energy that can be felt by everyone around us, and we can even seem shorter or taller, depending on how we carry ourselves.

Wearing a certain outfit can make the people around you feel that special energy, create an inexplicable amount of trust, cause a significant level of attraction, and make it seem like you really know your business.When you find the right gym clothes that make you feel special, you approach your workouts with a special kind of confidence which makes you feel stronger and push harder and faster.

Knowing that everything hugs you at the right places, doesn't dig into your sides or tug at your skin, and has the level of quality which doesn't question the fabric thickness, allows you to turn all of your attention to your workout instead of constantly getting distracted by annoying mishaps.

Protects Your Skin And Keeps You Healthy

Those who tend to sweat a lot need to make sure they're choosing breathable and sweat-wicking fabrics that will absorb their sweat and prevent it from ruining or endangering their workouts. Athletic wear of poor quality can cause you to slip and injure yourself as they get wet and slippery, as well as hold on to bacteria and fungi your skin can have a bad reaction to.

Bonus tip: Always choose hypoallergenic materials and make sure to do your research on all the special features it might be providing.On the other hand, those who love training outdoors, need to choose good layered clothing which will protect them from all the weather conditions, different types of surfaces, as well as dirt and dust they may encounter along the way. From special heating base layers and insulated pullovers to puffer jackets and waterproof pants, there are new inventions coming out every day, aiming to make your outdoor workout as worry-free as possible.

Aids Flexibility And Mobility

In order to make your workouts as efficient as possible, you need to wear clothes that are moving with your body, not preventing your range of motion. Choose clothes that are squat proof and 100% not see-through so you don't have to worry about flashing everyone as you go through your leg-day exercises; go for the softer and more flexible fabrics so you don't risk snapping or tearing your clothes as your flexibility improves; avoid too tight and suffocating designs which will literally prevent you from using your full range of motion as well as decrease the blood flow to your muscles; and stay away from too much straps and moving pieces as they could easily get in the way of your workout, increase the risk of injury, or simply make your moves feel uncomfortable.

High Quality Equals Durability

Is there anything worse than spending more money than you thought you would on a piece of clothing that gets destroyed the moment it gets washed for the first time? Gym clothes need to be washed frequently in order to get cleaned from all the sweat, dirt, and bacteria, so the quality and durability of the fabric are high on the list of the reasons why you'd choose one brand over the other.

Do your research and read the reviews people are leaving on the products' websites and their social media accounts before handing over your money, so you know you're investing in high-quality pieces that will stay in your closet for months to come and be worn for much longer than two yoga classes. Thanks to the evergrowing media platforms, finding out whether a certain piece of athletic wear is worth it is only a click away.

Although wearing a specific outfit won't magically make you lift heavier weight or do a split overnight, there's definitely a difference from working out in clothes that fit like a glove than in those you need to keep on adjusting or fear will tear after their third use. Make the time you spend working on your fitness as efficient as possible by finding the best athletic wear to support it.

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