How To Turn Your Post-Breakup Cravings Into Self-Care Tools?

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How many times have we woken up to our bellies grumbling, not really in the mood to make ourselves a nourishing breakfast and simply opting for that comforting pancake mix instead? And how many times did that mac and cheese find itself in front of us as we binge-watched Sex And The City? Too many times to count. Today I want us to focus on identifying why we crave certain foods at certain times and how to create some nourishing building blocks that will help us feel better, improve our sleep, and give us more energy to get up in the morning and tackle the day ahead.

After a breakup you might find yourself battling some cravings. Craving sweet stuff like candy, chocolate, pancakes, and cake can be a sign of magnesium deficiency, so try opting for almonds, cashews, avocados, nut butters, or even certain fruit like bananas and raspberries. If you really want to satisfy your sweet tooth, make a fruit & nut mix bowl and snack on those, and notice how you feel afterward.

When you’re craving really salty stuff like pretzels, potato chips, or french fries, usually it’s a sign of stress, but also of lack of sleep. Try getting more sleep this week and take notice if your salty cravings diminish. If not, try reaching for some healthier, more nourishing options such as vegetable chips, lentil crackers, and sweet potato or jicama fries. This way you’ll get more vitamins & minerals in, all while satisfying your sodium kick!

One of the cravings we have most often when we don’t feel our best is for fatty foods. The majority of the best comfort foods are loaded with fat. Although the reason for these cravings may just be because these foods are tied to memories of what we used to eat when we were younger, studies suggest we might also be calcium and/or iron deficient. Try including more beans, legumes. and leafy greens into your meals throughout the week & notice if your cravings change.

Although it may seem like nothing could beat a good slice of pizza or a peanut butter chocolate cookie, focusing our attention on identifying what you truly need will help you feel so much better. It’ll also make it easier to realize that food isn’t going to make us happier..only we can do that.

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