5 Mindful Resolutions You Need To Put On Your New year’s List

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'Tis the time to take out our pen and paper and jot down all of our resolutions for 2021, and although you already have plenty of ideas and goals in mind, leave space for these 5 mindful resolutions that have definitely earned their way to be there. 

Schedule In Technology Detox

In today's day and age, we definitely need to take some breaks from technology here and there, as it's completely ruling over our lives, whether we like it or not. Back in the day, we could have spent a whole day running around in nature, sitting down with a good book in hand, or playing with our friends and family. Today, we're spending more time indoors than ever, the book got replaced by our phones, and spending time with family and friends turned into watching a Netflix marathon, or sitting across from each other, every person glued to their own screen. If someone had told you that technology would be such a huge part of your life 15 years ago, you would have laughed and brushed it off. Back then, we all had the idea that technology would improve our lives for the better, and somehow, along the way, it ended up keeping us from being in the present and actually experiencing all we're destined to experience. So, for this New Year's resolution list, schedule in some much-needed technology detox time. Whether it's a few hours every night, a full Sunday, or a few days a month; get off the grid and enjoy spending time in nature, observing the people and world around you, without scrolling through their memories and social media highlights. Not only will it make you feel better, but you'll also notice you've begun to listen more closely, see things that previously managed to slip away from your eyesight, deepen your relationships, and let your brain relax. After all, we all owe it to ourselves to press the reset button every once in a while. 

Honor Inclusivity

As the idea of inclusion spreads through every part of our lives, try to focus on how it can affect your relationships with people. When it comes to something we can all change and become more inclusive, words like "no-judgment" and "refraining from jumping to conclusions" come to mind. We all live on this planet together, and every person was born, raised, and lived in certain circumstances that make him or her completely unique. Accepting that and respecting them for living their life the way they do makes us honor inclusivity and leave our judgments at the door. At the end of the day, giving others the benefit of the doubt and letting them express themselves in the most honest and truest way possible, allows us to do the same ourselves, without the fear of being judged or scrutinized. Imagine how different the world would be if everyone would be more confident in making their dreams and goals come true. 

Self-Care Is The Only Care

2020 was all about exploring self-care...so 2021 is the year of stopping all the talking about it and actually doing it. Implement some form of self-care into your daily routine and find yourself become calmer, less stressed, and more present in your everyday life. Discover what is it that works for you and schedule it into your weekly calendar. Whether it's going to the spa and getting a relaxing massage, journaling every morning with your coffee, meditating before bed, or taking a couple of yoga classes a week; adding something into your busy schedule that makes you feel good, will make it easier to relax, unwind, and find that much-needed balance. Write it in your calendar, set up appointments a week or two in a row, and continue doing so until it feels natural, as that's the goal of this resolution. Taking some time to feel connected with the world around you as well as with yourself is the only way to combat the stress of today's life and the amount of tasks we all need to complete. 

No Space For Negative People

Paraphrasing Elsa: Let Them Go. No, seriously; 2021 is the year of letting go of everyone and everything that doesn't serve you and brings negativity into your life. By now we all know that life is too short and too precious to spend our limited resources on people that don't deserve it. We only have so much time, energy, love, and attention to give, so make sure to spend yours wisely. Letting people go isn't easy, especially if they're someone we've known for a long time, but it's crucial to our own mental health and prosperity. Surrounding yourself with positive and uplifting personalities will make you feel good about yourself, boost your creativity and motivation, spark your interest in ideas and things you haven't even thought about, and challenge you in ways that encourage growth. Make this resolution a part of your list as there's no better time to start discovering all of your untapped potentials than now. 

Love Yourself

Easier said than done; that's for sure. Still, make it your mission to really accept and love yourself for who you are, flaws and all. We're all the same, yet different, and we all need to work on our own insecurities and things we wish to change, but we're also unique exactly because of our differences. How boring the world would be if we'd all walk around completely the same; wouldn't you agree? If there are things about you that you don't particularly like, take a moment to figure out Why you feel that way and What you can do about it. If the reasons really come from deep within, the chances of you turning things around and actually setting out do make a change are definitely big and possible; you just have to find a way to start. Whether it's cleaning up your diet, signing up for a gym membership, quitting smoking, or going easy on your cursing and swearing habit; all it takes is the first step. On the other hand, if the reasons come from outside sources or your constant need to compare yourself to others, there's more work to be done...as first you need to realize that none of that matters and all you really need to do is find the love in your heart for YOU, and no one else but you. Start by doing things that bring you joy, and continue with those you know you're good at. Slowly, but surely, you'll start unraveling other things about you that "aren't so bad after all", and your confidence will follow. It's not easy, it won't happen overnight, and the progress most certainly won't be linear, but make it your resolution to work on it day after day after day. 

New Year's resolutions always seem exciting as we're writing them down, but by the time March comes rolling around, we've already forgotten half of them or failed on some, and we somehow make it sound like we don't have 9 more months to turn it around. Don't be so hard on yourself and follow through what you've set out to do, even when it seems harder than you thought. 

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