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Staying fit is a lifestyle, not a chore - and you can do it everywhere, without any necessary equipment. And with this pandemic keeping us away from our regular classes and gym appointments, it's never been more important to figure out the best ways to move your body and get a good sweat in without any workout equipment.


Aside from the mat, yoga requires absolutely zero equipment - you don’t even need shoes! Almost every hotel has a gym (and mats you can borrow), and even if it doesn’t, all you need is some space next to your bed. Hotel carpets are actually pretty grippy! Better yet, if you find yourself on a beach, you can do it without a mat - let the sand be your friend. Switching up your terrain can be an additional challenge which brings an exciting new element into your routine. 


You need your shoes for this one (or if you find yourself on a beach again…not even that), but other than that, you can get a good sweat in anywhere, anytime! Running is a great way to explore a new town, view amazing natural sights, breathe in that ocean air, and discover places you probably never would any other way. If you’re used to running in your gym, taking your workout outside can be a literal breath of fresh air!


You obviously need water for this activity, but swimming requires no gym membership, leggings, or resistance bands. All you got to do is put on a swimsuit and jump in! You can take it slow and use it to relax your mind and de-stress, or up the tempo and burn an impressive number of calories. 

Park Workout

Let your surroundings be your equipment for this one! Use a bench to do your “box jumps” and push-ups, a rock to perform step-ups and dips, find good grip in the grass for stability and core exercises, and stairs to do sprints and burn out the legs. As an additional bonus, try out different parks throughout the month and see what type of creative exercises you can do in each one!

Stairs Workout

All you need is a good set of stairs and you’re in for one heck of a workout. Seriously. Fast-pace climbing, running up and down, skipping every second step, side climbing, criss-cross climbing, jumps…possibilities are endless! Your legs will be so fatigued by the end of your workout, you’ll want to cancel your gym membership!

Hotel Workout

And by hotel workout, we mean hotel room workout. You can do plenty with just a bed, a chair, and some space on the floor. From burpees to mountain climbers, and squats to single-leg jumps, you can get pretty sweaty and sore in less than 30 min. It’s crazy what we can do when equipment is limited - our imaginations run wild and we find ourselves getting really creative with what we have on hand.


Hiking is one of the best workouts on the planet as you get to breathe that forest and mountain air whenever you do it! Your legs get a good burn, core stays activated throughout the whole time, all of your senses get heightened, and usually as a reward, there’s a pretty nice view once you get to the top! 

Bike Riding

No, you don’t need to own a bike for this one. Plenty of places have renting facilities and the number of city bikes gets bigger everyday (even Uber came out with their version ). In case you don't think biking around isn’t a good workout, check your FitBit at the end of the day. You’ll be pleasantly surprised! 


Yup, you read that right. Even though we walk every single day, we’ve been doing it less and less…swapping it out for cars, cafes, office desks. It’s no coincidence that tracking our steps became our latest obsession and all the latest health & fitness articles urge us to move more. Taking a long walk after our dinner or ditching the car when we go to our local store adds on to your daily fitness regimen. You can take it one step further and crank up your walking pace to increase your heartrate and voilà, you can count it as a workout!

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