New longterm obesity medicines & getting tested early for colon cancer at age 45 help reduce your risk of colon cancer

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New research is showing that being overweight for long periods of time increases your risk of developing colon cancer.

To reduce your risk of developing colon cancer it’s important to stop the cycle of yo-yo dieting.
Long-term obesity increases the risk of colon cancer.Health Stuff TO Know

A Scary Trend:

The trend of colon cancer among younger people is very worrisome because we’re now seeing dramatic upswings in the number of cases. These upswings have not happened before!

  • It’s important that you don’t wait until your 40s to really start losing weight.

The new research shows that fat cells can release dangerous chemicals that, when present for prolonged periods of time, can damage your colon and colon walls. Over time, this damage can lead to colon cancer.

The Big Picture:

Understand that Obesity is a chronic disease. And, many forms of cancers can be avoided. We don’t have to die early from cancer. To prevent chronic conditions and cancer it’s important to pay attention to your weight.

  • The doctor's main point: It’s important to have the mindset of avoiding certain types of cancer.
    • Obesity is a hormonal disease that needs to be treated as such.
    • It’s not all about willpower and a lack of self-control. You are not to blame.
    • Juice Cleanses don’t work. They aren’t going to help you keep your weight off for the long run.

What are your Next Steps:

If you’re age 45 or older, get tested for colon cancer: Here are 2 simple tests you can consider getting.

  1. Colonoscopy.
  2. FOBT.

PS., your insurance most likely covers the costs, as these are classified as screening tests.

Get treated early: Medicines like Saxenda and therapies like Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) are showing huge leaps in the treatment and management of Obesity.

What else could be going on: Many people may have a hard time losing weight because of underlying medical conditions such as Binge Eating Disorder or Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Call your health care team to get tested for colon cancer and speak to them about ways to maintain weight loss for the long haul.

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