Blood in Semen: How Serious It is, Causes & Treatment

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Sometimes happens that a man is quietly living his life, enjoying the pleasures that life brings, and then he realizes that there is something wrong with him: a red colored semen. Questions like this arise: why is my semen brown? Why is my semen red? Why is this happening? And many other questions that every man would say in that same state.

Is Hematospermia serious?

Hematospermia, more commonly known as blood in semen, is a disease that is capable of frightening every man and can occur for various reasons.The majority of the causes of brown, pink, red semen or just blood in semen are not so urgent to treat and they can be resolved without any treatment.


Depending on the age of the patient along with the characteristics and symptoms of the issue, such as:

  • the pain,
  • the blood volume
  • the recurrence
  • the consistency
  • the color,

among others, will give clues to the doctor about the potential cause and the better treatments to apply.

Blood in semen general causes

In the majority of the cases, the causes for blood in semen, can be unknown and impossible to detect the correct ways of treating it.

Luckily, it generally tends to cure itself within the days to come. Nevertheless, there are cases in which the doctor would be able of identifying the condition, along with its symptoms and its manner of treating it. There are a lot of cases related with blood in semen, but the most common to happen are the following ones:

Prostate biopsy or prostate surgery: it’s a type of invasive examination that uses a needle to exterminate a specimen from the organ producing lately the appearing of blood in semen; and the blood in the urine can be produced, as well.  This happens due to the trauma caused by the needle and the rupture of some of the blood vessels. The symptoms of this condition can have a prolongation of a few weeks, and pain is not known as one of them. On the other hand, if the length of the condition passes more than three or four weeks, along with a fever higher than 38°, then it is recommended to see a doctor or a specialist, preferable an urologist.

Injuries provoked in the genital region, such as cuts or blows, are the most common cause of blood in semen before the age of 40 and, normally, the man ignores completely the fact of having the condition. Therefore, it is important to check the genital area to look for any possibility that ensures the presence of the condition, or other signs of trauma such as swelling, redness or bruising. Normally, the symptoms in this case tend to disappear in less than a week, approximately three days, so it is not required to visit a doctor or specialist.

The use of some medications, especially anticoagulants such as Warfarin or Aspirin, increase the risk of bleeding from the small blood vessels that are in the path of semen, which can cause blood to leak during ejaculation. And if the blood in semen lasts more than three days, then it is important to visit an urologist and to give them the medicament’s that were taken in order to detect which is the one that causes the bleeding.

Transmitted diseases: although it is a rare case to happen, the presence of blood in semen can be a sign of the development of sexually transmitted diseases such as genital herpes, chlamydia or gonorrhea, especially when it arises after having sex without protection. This case is most common to occur in men younger than 40 years old. If there is a suspicion of having any sexual transmitted disease, in order to detect it, it is required to check on an urologist as soon as possible.

Urethritis: it occurs in the urethra, which is the duct that carries urine and semen out of the body, and if this duct becomes infected, irritated, or inflamed, then the urethritis will emerge. This disease has the function of causing blood to appear in the urine and semen, and it can also cause uncomfortable feelings such as burning or itching during urination and provoke the releasing of a discolored charge from the penis.

Inflammations: that can appear in the male reproductive system, mainly in the prostate or testicles, are one of the most common causes of blood in semen and, therefore, it is important to be alert to other symptoms such as fever, pain in the intimate region or swelling of the testicles. If there is a case of swelling or inflammation, then by visiting the urologist, the type of swelling or inflammation will be detected and the most adequate treatment will be recommended.  Other of these symptoms may appear with Prostatitis.

Prostatic hyperplasia, also known as an enlarged prostate gland or Prostatitis, is also a condition that can produce the blood in semen. It is a very common problem in men after the age of 50 and one of the main causes of blood in semen in older men. Normally, this type of problem is accompanied by other symptoms such as painful urination, difficulty to urinate and the increase in the urinary frequency. It is also guilty of producing a painful ejaculation and defecation, as well. One great recommendation is to make a prostate exam after the age of 50, along with blood tests and a rectal examination, in order to detect any problem with the prostate and start the best and the most optimal treatment.

Cancer: A very rare case of blood in semen is the one that is caused by the cancers that can appear around the testicular zone, such as testicular, urethral and prostate cancers, provoking pain in the zones of the back, groin, testicles, abdomen and scrotum.

Cancer is one of the rarest causes of blood in semen, but this hypothesis must always be investigated, especially after 40 years since prostate, bladder or testicular cancer can, in some cases, cause appearance of blood in the semen.It is very important to see an urologist if the symptoms of cancer in this zone start appearing.

These are the most common of the causes that can generate blood in semen in men, but the cases vary according to the symptoms and characteristics of the conditions.

When & how to seek treatment?

And well, if you are noticing that your semen is changing of color or that you are regularly feeling some of the symptoms that can end up in blood in semen, then you could visit to your closest doctor in order to detect if it is an urgent case or a non-urgent one, and to talk about the good treatments and the ways of preventing the symptoms in the future, as well.

On the other hand, if the blood in semen lasts more than a few weeks (three or four), then you must visit a doctor, preferable an urologist, as early as possible.

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