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Depending on which gender it appears on, it can be referred to as Apollo holes for men and Venus holes for women, it is formed on the lower region of the back.
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What are Back or Venus Dimples

Many people have them,but few know what they are. Back or venus dimples are those little holes located on the lower back. They are two holes that for some are supposed to be sexy and for others just an unusual genetic trait.

They supposedly get their name from Venus, the gooddess of beauty according to Romans. Yet apart from these falsely facts, these dimples are linked to better blood circulation, low body fat, and even healthy lifestyles instead of sexual characteristics.

They are directly located over the buttocks, that’s why many people also call them butt dimples. These venus holes can be in different shapes and depths, and sometimes either fat or lean people can have them, as they may also not have any.

Are back dimples a healthy sign?

Technically, Venusian dimples are called sacral dimples. They get this name because they are located directly over the sacroiliac joint. This joint is where the iliac bone connects with the spine sacrum. The iliac crest, then, is the responsible for these dimples to appear, which is why they are also known as the iliac holes.

This means back dimples are wholly healthy and unrelated to any kind of health problem. Despite many people having back problems, especially in the lower part where the dimples are located, there’s no relation to them. Actually, dimples are a sign of good health, low fat, and good genetics.

In men, they are called Apollo holes. And they appear in the same way as in women. They have no direct benefit on the health of a person but surely improve the aesthetics exponentially.

Benefits of Having Venus Dimples

The benefits of having dimples on the lower back are not exactly direct health or sexual advantages, but mostly myths and people’s perception of them. Here are a few reasons why having dimples above buttocks may be beneficial for you:

  • They improve the aesthetics of the person primarily in low-fat and high-muscle bodies
  • It is believed to they offer erogenous effects when touched in sexual encounters
  • Some people affirm they are a sign of good circulation which mean they enhance pleasure during sexual encounters

It is important to note that there’s no scientifically-proven advantage of dimples in our health or sexual performance. Most benefits most people link to the appearance of these holes are mostly subjective, and they can vary depending on culture and education level.

The only benefit that could be proven is that these dimples on the back look very enticing to many people. Any other advantage, primarily related to sexual conducts is totally unverifiable.

Having 2 Holes in The Back Means Good Blood Circulation

This is formed by inherited genetic, so it is not our choice to have them or not. We all know that the body needs good circulation to attain orgasm and this holes are symbols of good health and good circulation of blood in the body.

How can I get dimples on back?

As dimples appear because of genetics and the shape of lower-back bones, there’s no way to make these holes look if you are already skinny and muscular. But even though they don’t depend on muscle, if your body has more fat than needed, you may be able to make them appear by doing cardiovascular exercise and shredding that fat.

There are also ways to make the Venus dimples leaner or more toned by doing yoga or working out the lower back. With the right exercises and body-fat loss, you may not be able to develop the dimples, but if you have them, you can improve how they look exponentially.

There are other types of ways to make dimples more appealable. Many women like to pierce the holes, adding an eccentric touch to how they look. This also accentuates the holes, making them more enticing to see. Other women like to use low rise jeans to emphasize the dimples, especially with short tops, or bikinis.

Back dimples come with birth

This holes can not be accomplished with exercises because they are situated in a spot where you can not find muscles. Excess fat can limit the visibility of this holes but if you shed up-fats, you just might see them.

Back dimples is pure genetics

This two holes can only be seen on individuals whose ligament sizes are suitable or susceptible genetics.


Even though anyone can have dimples of Venus, women are the ones who get the most attractiveness and appeal with them. Girls with back dimples are typically deemed more attractive than boys with back dimples, but it is something that depends on preferences mostly.

We can only say that they are a fascinating part of the body and an excellent way to learn how genetics work. If you’ve ever wondered where these dimples on your back came from, then here you have the answer, as well as many other interesting facts about them.

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