Prince Harry's Weird Behaviour at the New Monarch’s Coronation

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The picture-perfect lives of royalties are the absolute example of the expression, "The grass always looks greener from afar." Where the new king's coronation was the town's talk, spectators couldn't help but notice that the younger son of their beloved late Lady Diana was an odd man out at the ceremony. And there is so much more to the story than the Royals are willing to admit.

In Light of the Recent Controversies

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, is beloved by most of the world, mainly because of his kind image all over the media and because he was the youngest and much-loved son to the Queen of Hearts, Lady Diana. When Lady Diana died in a tragic accident, her sons' lives were never the same again. Where Prince William was preparing to become worthy of the title of the future heir to the throne, Prince Harry had his own struggles that the world wasn't familiar with.

Over time, the Prince found his true love and soul mate outside the bounds of the Royals. Meghan Markel is a renowned actress in the American industry. Their love bloomed, and over time the couple became a sensation for everyone. With their dreamy wedding and affectionate gestures of love, it was evident that the bond was true and pure. However, things were overturned soon.

Racism, Controversies, and Family Dirt

Meghan and Harry got married in 2018. While the royal wedding seemed like a real blessing, and people believed Meghan to be fortunate to become a royal bride, the couple had something else in their minds. Soon, the media was filled with news of Prince Harry leaving his titles and shares as a member of the Royal family and that he planned to move to the United States with his wife. A Netflix limited series, "Harry and Meghan," became a reality check to the situation.

The couple talked about how toxic the royal rules were for their relationship. The laws were full of racial bias and much more than the world knew. The couple shared dark secrets of the Palace and its inhabitants. When this was not enough to seal Harry's fate with his family, he also wrote a personal memoir named "Spare," sharing his whole life as part of the Royals but never wanting to be one as he always felt "different."

Like Mother, Like Son

Lady Diana is an example of the strongest of pursuits. Her son, Prince Harry, became the second person in the family to unshackle from the ties and bounds of Royalty and opt for peace and security above all. The memoir sheds light on how Prince Harry struggled growing up, started doing drugs, and developed PTSD after being part of the military. He also blamed Camilla for leaking private conversations to clear her own image in front of the world. Naturally, he was disregarded from his position and titles. However, he chose to keep the title "Duke of Sussex."

What Happened at the Coronation?

After recent controversies, this was the second time Prince Harry was seen with his family. The first was when the Queen passed away. Meghan and Harry, along with their children, joined to pay respect to the demised Queen. However, this time Prince Harry came alone to attend the coronation while Meghan and the children stayed back at their Southern California home.

It was Prince Archie's fourth birthday, and Prince Harry was in a hurry to return home in time. He was seen sitting in the third row with his cousin Princess Eugenie, her husband, and their uncle Prince Andrew; who was also stripped from his position at Royal Court after the controversy of his friendly relations with the sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Meanwhile, Prince William and his family were in the limelight during the whole ceremony.

Prince William was seen rather closely dealing with all the matters of the coronation, while Prince Harry was merely there to attend the ceremony. Critics believe that Meghan's absence was part of the unresolved tension between the family. As Prince Harry is not a working member of the Royal family anymore, so he was not invited to the balcony back at Buckingham Palace either. He was also not seen making any exchange with his elder brother and left as soon as the ceremony was over, taking a British airway flight from Heathrow to get back home in time.

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