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LA Has Really Become Tough To Live In


Los Angeles has an image of being a glamorous and over-the-top city with a flare for glamor and an inclination for the opulent lifestyle. It is home to some of the world's most well-known and wealthy communities, such as Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Bel-Air, among others. A lot of credit for the hype around the city also goes to Hollywood, with the top celebrities living in it. However, there is also an opinion that it is overrated and just not worth the cost. So, is LA really overrated to live in?

The Traffic is Just Too Much To Handle

It should not be shocking that the number of cars on Los Angeles's streets and main roads can be overwhelming because the city is home to millions of permanent residents, and it also receives a steady influx of visitors from all over the world who contribute to the overall population count throughout the year. The traffic in Los Angeles may grow so severe that it is often ranked as the most unfavorable characteristic of the city. In addition to the town being so geographically spread out, which already results in lengthy travel times, the traffic simply worsens the problem. What should be a journey that takes no more than twenty minutes may sometimes turn into two hours of aggravating time due to traffic.

Just Too Big

Millions of people live in Los Angeles, making it the second most significant metropolis in the US in terms of population, yet the city's sheer enormity may be intimidating. Los Angeles has an area of more than 500 square miles, which does not even start to include the surrounding places that are equally popular. As a result, the city is somewhat spread out, which results in tremendously lengthy travel times. The sheer distance that has to be traveled to go from one part of a town to another often leads to a journey that lasts ninety minutes. Whether planning a day trip or a night out in the city, you will need to consider how close you are to your final destination.

Not What Hollywood Depicts

Hollywood is often the first thing that enters people's minds when considering Los Angeles, even before any other aspect of the city. This is for a good cause since the city was the birthplace of the emergence of the film industry and drew stardom, unlike any other town in the nation or the globe. The unpleasant fact seems to be that Hollywood has moved its productions to other locations that can provide cheaper options for shooting, such as New Orleans and Toronto, while at the same time investigating the renowned sites of cities such as New York. The glamour of Hollywood has indeed diminished somewhat as a result of the film industry beginning to show signs of slowing down, so it is wise to have some of your expectations tempered before traveling to the city. In any case, watch for famous people because many still make the Los Angeles area their home.

One Of The Most Expensive Places to Live

It's one of the less pleasant realities of Los Angeles that is relatively well-known. That comes at a high cost. It is not simply the most expensive city in America; it ranks among the most costly places worldwide. When you are a tourist in the city, you will discover that even the most basic activities may cost a significant amount of money. When you visit Hollywood, you should be prepared to pull out a substantial portion of your savings, and if you currently call this place home, you should know that you are used to the exorbitant expense of living here.

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