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Marilyn Monroe's Death and Involvement with the Kennedys


On August 5, 1962, Marilyn Monroe's body was found in her Los Angeles home in the Brentwood neighborhood. She was naked and lying on her bed face down while holding the phone in one hand. The room was cluttered with empty bottles of the anti-depressants given to her. Her death was declared a suicide by LA police after they found evidence of "caused by a self-administered overdose of sedative drugs.” She had just called her psychiatrist a day before to discuss her inability to sleep and had gotten sleeping pills to treat it.

At about three o’clock, her housekeeper saw that the actress's bedroom light was on. When Monroe did not answer the housekeeper's knocks on her bedroom door, she phoned Monroe's psychiatrist, who broke a window and entered the room. Her therapist contacted the physician who had given Monroe the sleeping medications, and that physician subsequently came and declared Monroe dead.

Was it really a Suicide?​

Monroe’s unexpected death at such a young age came as a shock to everyone. However, a bigger surprise was the cause of death. The toxicology report declared that the amount of drugs found in her blood was way above the lethal limit, and hence, the verdict of suicide was passed.

However, her close friends refused to accept the verdict and pressed that the case is investigated further. When interviewed, most of them had valid concerns. Monroe's publicist and close friend Pat Newcomb stated the two planned to see a movie the next day. Her lawyer also claimed that Monroe had promised to meet with him on Monday.

Theories about Monroe’s death​

Even though the case was shut, there are still various theories about the actor’s death. There have been countless books and movies about the young actor that also talk about the ideas surrounding her death.

A widely recognized and believed theory is that the CIA assassinated Marilyn Monroe. This theory originates from her speculated involvement with the Kennedy family. Many people point toward her rumored affair with Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy.

Marilyn’s involvement with Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy, the brother of John Kennedy, was the US attorney then. After Robert and Marilyn were spotted attending many events together, rumors started spreading about their possible romantic involvement. In addition, there are pictures of the rumored couple at the 45th Birthday party JFK. Despite this, there was no hard evidence to suggest that the two were in a possible relationship with one another.

Marilyn’s Involvement with John F. Kennedy

The presumptions about Monroe having intimate relationship with JFK had always been there. It was obvious since both of them were the most attractive people of their time. It was not a big deal that the Hollywood sex symbol and the US chief would date. There are still numerous picture edits of the couple, even though none of the parties acknowledged the rumors.

Marilyn Monroe sang "Happy Birthday" to John F. Kennedy in a seductive way at his 45th birthday party some months before her death. This was one of the things that led to rumors that the two men were having an affair.

The only known photograph of Kennedy with Monroe was supposedly shot after the show during a gathering at the house of Arthur Krim.

How did the Rumors take Monroe’s Life?

The theory states that either the Kennedy brothers talked too much about state secrets with Marilyn, making her a threat to national security, or the CIA planned Monroe's murder as a way of "getting back at the Kennedys for the Bay of Pigs disaster.” Norman Mailer argued that the FBI or CIA killed Marilyn to put pressure on the Kennedys in his 1973 biography of Marilyn. On 60 Minutes later that year, Mailer publicly repudiated his theory, and there is no proof that any government agency was involved in Monroe's slaying.

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