Mahatma Gandhi Was Not the Man We Think He Was (Opinion)

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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, more commonly known as Mahatma Gandhi or just Gandhi, is among the most famous activists of all time. He worked tirelessly to help the Indians get independence from oppressive British colonialism. He led a simple and exemplary life and died as a hero. However, as critics now analyze deeper into the life of Gandhi, they are finding a relatively dark side of the Indian hero. Let’s take a deeper look into the dark side of Gandhi:

The Racist Side of Gandhi

Recently, people have started focusing more on the racist comments that Gandhi passed in his early life. This has spurred a lot of hate from many modern activists. Not long ago, Gandhi's statue was removed from the University of Ghana, calling him a racist. Their primary stance for hatred against the Hindu Leader was his lack of acceptance towards black people. 

In one writing, Gandhi wrote that “white people should be the predominant race.” Even though this was overlooked then, people are now catching these small pieces of hate speech.

At another point, he referred to black people as "are troublesome, very dirty, and live like animals." This spurred a lot of bad reactions from people who started rethinking their devotion to their leader and hero.

However, it is said that Gandhi grew out of this phase and became more respectful toward other communities. A biographer who researched his life reported that "Gandhi as a young man went with the ideas of his culture and his time. He thought in his 20s that Europeans were the most civilized. Indians were almost as civilized, and Africans were uncivilized,"

He Wrote Many Letters to Adolf Hitler, Addressing Him as a "Dear Friend"

Gandhi's letters to Hitler are visible. He wrote them to invite him for peace and serenity. However, what strikes many people as controversial is his addressing Hitler as a "Dear Friend.” 

Many argue that it was an invitation for peace, so it had to be kind. But it is worth reiterating that Hitler was considered the worst monster of the 20th century, while Gandhi was deemed one of the most revered men. This discrepancy in behavior struck many people. 

To add to the controversy, Gandhi acknowledged Hitler "We have no doubt about your bravery or devotion to your fatherland, nor do we believe that you are the monster described by your opponents."

Gandhi Had Naked Teenage Girls Sleep With Him To Test His Chastity

Gandhi lost his father while he was in his thirties. At that moment, Gandhi was off having sex. At that time, Gandhi realized the trauma inflicted by his lust and decided to stop chasing his worldly desires altogether. He even banned married men and women from getting physically affectionate in his Ashrams. 

However, Gandhi tested his chastity in rather odd ways. It is reported that he would often make other women, some of whom were teenagers, sleep beside him- naked. This was considered a great deal of piousness and self-restraint and was highly encouraged. But nowadays, the idea seems rather odd and makes many people uncomfortable. 

A Mere Mortal

Though his ways were odd and did not go well with modern society, Gandhi's personality and his contributions toward humanity cannot be diminished. He was a man of great honor and respect who devoted his life to changing people's lives and actively advocated for peace and justice. It should not be forgotten that he was just a mortal human being with carnal desires and who was sometimes a bit (read: a lot) racist. 

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