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Top 3 Places to Visit in Cleveland, Ohio

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Cleveland. Also known as The Forest City or The Rock and Roll Capital of the World.

Founded in 1796, Cleveland is among the major cities in Ohio and the United States. The city’s deep connections with music and sports, beautiful Metroparks, diverse culture, and great food attract nearly twenty million visitors every year.

If you plan to visit the city or are already there and thinking about exploring it, here are some of the best places to visit in Cleveland.

The Cleveland Museum of Art
View of the museum from the Euclid Avenue entrance to Wade Park, overlooking the Lagoon.Daderot/Wikipedia

Established over a hundred years ago, The Cleveland Museum of Art is among the wealthiest and most-visited museums in the world today.

The museum’s diverse permanent collection consists of 61,000 objects of art — paintings, sculptures, photographs, decorative art, textiles, and more — spanning about 6,000 years of human history from around the world.

Some of the most prominent artists featured in the museum are Rubens, Thomas Cole, Monet, Vincent van Gogh, Picasso, Rosseau, Dali, and Rembrandt.

Among the museum’s highlights is the Armor Court, known for its fascinating display of arms and armor.

Adjacent to The Cleveland Museum of Art are Wade Park ( which showcases some of the museum’s holdings in its Wade Park Fine Arts Garden) and Wade lagoon, which add to the charm of the museum and the whole area.

The museum is located in the University Circle neighborhood and is free to the public. Also, there’s a nice cafe and gift shop, if you would like to eat something or get yourself a souvenir.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Situated not far from The Cleveland Museum of Art is another museum, albeit with a different specialization, the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

The museum was established a little over a hundred years ago with the mission to perform research, education, and development of collections in the fields of natural sciences like anthropology, astronomy, botany, geology, paleontology, and zoology.

Talking about itself on its website, the museum says — 

‘We make science relatable by cultivating your curiosity. When you visit the Museum, you’ll have the opportunity to delve deep into the past in our dinosaur hall, discover the outer reaches of the Universe in the Shafran Planetarium, and experience natural wonders in outdoor galleries. Children can experience hands-on learning in Smead Discovery Center, where the motto is “please touch!”’

Among the most popular specimens featured at the museum are — a cast of an early hominid (names Lucy) skeleton, specimens of mammoth and mastodon, and a Tyrannosaurus skeleton.

The Hamann-Todd Collection is another highlight. It contains 900 monkey and ape skeletons and more than 3,100 human skeletons.

There’s also a new Perkins Wildlife Center that houses live animals and plants native to Ohio.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Lions at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.Instagram/clemetzoo

Established in 1882 and spanning 183 acres, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is among the oldest, largest, and most visited zoos in the United States.

The zoo houses nearly 3,000 animals belonging to more than 600 species and boasts of the largest collection of primates in the country. The animals are housed in several different exhibits contained in the zoo, including African Savanna, Australian Adventure, and The RainForest.

Among the most popular exhibits is The RainForest. Contained in a large two-story building, it is one of the world’s largest indoor tropical environments. The exhibit is home to over 10,000 plants and 600 animals, some of which are Bornean orangutan, giant anteater, reticulated python, and Clouded leopard.

The zoo also has a state-of-the-art 4-D Theater to entertain adults and kids alike with its short immersive shows and movies. 

Overall, a great place to visit if you are in or around Cleveland.

So these were some of the places you must visit if you’re in Cleveland. I must add that due to the pandemic, some sections might not be open, or there could be certain restrictions. So make sure you do the necessary research before visiting.

Also, please follow the guideline. Have fun but stay safe.

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