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3 Places You Must Visit in Fort Worth, Texas

Haris Mohammad
Fort Worth Stockyards Historic District, Fort Worth.Mark Fisher/Wikipedia

Fort Worth. Also known as Cowtown, Funkytown, or Panther City.

Incorporated in 1874, Fort Worth is among the largest cities in Texas as well as the United States. Known for its world-class museums, cultural diversity, delicious cuisine, and hospitality, the city attracts nearly ten million visitors every year.

If you plan to visit the city or are already there and thinking about exploring it, here are some of the best places to visit in Fort Worth.

Kimbell Art Museum
Kimbell Art Museum.Instagram/kimbellartmuseum

It’s difficult to be a world-class museum with only a few hundred objects in one’s collection. But that’s exactly what Kimbell Art Museum is, driven by its policy of featuring only those items that were of “definitive excellence.”

The museum’s collection includes paintings, sculptures, bronzes, ceramics, and works of decorative art from around the world. 

Among the most notable paintings are those by Michelangelo, Picasso, Velasquez, Rembrandt, and Matisse. The museum holds the distinction for having Michelangelo’s first known painting (and the only one on display in the Americas), The Torment of Saint Anthony.

But it’s not just its collection that gives the museum all its fame. The museum’s buildings — both the main building and those built later as part of the expansion programs — are works of remarkable architecture.

The main building was designed by the renowned American architect Louis Kahn and is often considered his best work. The second building, the Piano Pavilion, was designed by the great Italian architect Renzo Piano, who was also part of the team responsible for creating the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.

Definitely a must-visit attraction in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth Water Gardens
Fort Worth Water Gardens.Eric Hunt/Wikipedia

A beautiful amalgamation of nature and thoughtful architecture. Built in 1974 and spanning over 4 acres Fort Worth Water Gardens houses three gardens.

There’s the quiet blue meditation pool surrounded by cypress trees and high walls, with water running down the walls. Then there’s the aerating pool with numerous illuminated fountains and large oak trees.

But the highlight of the park is the captivating active pool, which has water cascading down a series of steps into a small pool at the bottom.

Overall, a wonderful place for anyone looking for an escape from the noise of city life without having to leave the city. Even a short visit to the park can help relieve yourself of some stress and find peace.

Oh, the park appears especially beautiful when the fountains light up at night.

Fort Worth Zoo

What started over a hundred years ago with only a small bunch of animals — one lion, two bear cubs, a peacock, coyote, and some rabbits — is today a wonderful 64-acre zoo (one of America’s best) with over 7000 animals, both native and exotic, belonging to over 500 species.

But there’s much more than the huge number of animals that makes the Fort Worth Zoo so amazing.

The zoo has a unique award-winning exhibit, Museum of Living Art, “a 30,000-square-foot indoor-outdoor herpetological facility that houses more than 250 amphibian and reptile species.”

Then there are several interesting tours and “experiences” to choose from, like Behind-the-Scenes Animal Experience and Animal Training 101. 

There are also plenty of exciting programs and activities — both for adults and kids — including Outdoor Learning Theater, Country Carousel, Swinging Swamp Bridge, and Hurricane and Tornado Simulators.

So yeah, a great place to spend a day in Fort Worth.

These were some of the places you must visit if you’re in Fort Worth. If you have more time, there are other cool places to visit like Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District and Fort Worth Botanic Garden.

I must add, though, that due to the pandemic, some sections might not be open, or there could be certain restrictions. So make sure you do the necessary research before visiting.

Also, please follow the guideline. Have fun but stay safe.

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