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Best Places to Visit in Houston

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Downtown, Houston. Photo by Vlad Busuioc on Unsplash

Houston. Also known as the Space City or H-Town.

Houston is among the largest and most populous cities in the United States and is home to many Fortune 500 headquarters. The city’s diverse and thriving culture, great food, and numerous parks, museums, and theatres attract millions of visitors every year.

If you plan to visit the city or are already there and thinking about exploring it, here are some of the best places to visit in Houston.

Houston Museum of Natural Science


Triceratops skeleton at the Houston Museum. Photo by Agsftw, Wikipedia. CC BY-SA 3.0

One of the best and most popular museums in the country.

Besides its many captivating exhibits, the museum also has a planetarium (Burke Baker Planetarium), a butterfly zoo (Cockrell Butterfly Center), and a 3D theatre (Wortham Giant Screen Theatre). If you don’t mind a one-hour drive, there’s even an astronomy observatory, the George Observatory.

Two of the most loved exhibits are the Morian Hall of Paleontology (which has over 60 major skeleton mounts, including three T-rex skeletons and the most complete Triceratops skeleton ever discovered) and the Hall of Ancient Egypt (think mummies).

Along with Space Center Houston, this museum is one place you can’t miss if you are in Houston.

Space Center Houston

“Houston, we have a problem.” This is the place to which the popular phrase owes its origins.

Space Center Houston is a science museum that also serves as the official visitor center for the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center — NASA’s center for human spaceflight and the reason behind Houston’s “Space City” nickname.

The museum has a popular tram tour that takes visitors inside the Johnson Space Center. The tour has some exciting stops, including the historic Mission Control Center and Rocket Park.

The museum highlights include the space shuttle replica, Independence, the Moon rocks, and the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility (used for training astronauts).

The gift shop can appear slightly overpriced, but if you want to leave the Space Center with something to remember, it does have plenty of cool stuff.

The Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts is one of the largest museums in the United States. The museum has collected over 70,000 pieces of art spanning over 6000 years in history and 6 continents.

For all the art lovers out there, this museum has one of the most diverse art collections in the world, and that’s what sets it apart from most others.

It has art from the Italian Renaissance, French impressionism, American and European decorative arts, African and pre-Columbian gold, American art, and post-1945 European and American painting and sculpture. Latin American art, Asian art, and Islamic art add to the collection’s diversity. 

Some of the famous paintings that reside in the museum include painters such as Jean-Baptiste-Simeone Chardin, Jan Weenix, Fra Angelico, Rembrandt van Rijn and more.

There’s so much to see, you can easily spend a whole.

Discovery Green


Gateway Fountain at Discovery Green. Photo by Houtexusa, Wikipedia. CC BY-SA 3.0

If you want to spend some time in peace, in the midst of nature and greenery, this park is the place to be. Located in Downtown Houston, it provides a drastic contrast to the concrete jungle that surrounds it.

The park's many features include a lake, spray fountain, jogging trail, playground, and dog runs. The park also hosts a number of events and programs — including movies and music performances — most of which are free to the public.

And then there’s a waterside cafe for you to enjoy some snacks. 

There is something for everyone. Besides, if nothing else, it’s definitely a stress buster.

Children’s Museum of Houston

This place is heaven for kids. 

Kids love its innovative exhibits, exciting activities, and amazing shows. The museum also has a bilingual learning program for kids.

Serving over a million people every year, the Children’s Museum of Houston is widely regarded as one of the best places for children and families and has many awards to show for it.

What makes the museum even cooler is, they offer free admission on Thursday nights, provided you bring a kid with you.

So take your kids to the museum and let them have fun while you have a relaxing evening.

So these were some of the places you must visit if you’re in Houston. I must add that due to the pandemic, some sections might not be open, or there could be certain restrictions. So make sure you do the necessary research before visiting.

Also, please follow the guideline. Have fun but stay safe.

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