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Best Places to Visit in Indianapolis

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Indianapolis. Photo by Ryan De Hamer on Unsplash

Indianapolis. Also known as the Crossroads of America or Railroad City.

Indy, as the city is colloquially known, is among the largest and the most populous city in the United States. Its rich history, vibrant culture, great food, and numerous parks, monuments, and museums attract millions of tourists every year.

If you plan to visit the city or are already there and thinking about exploring it, here are some of the best places to visit in Indianapolis.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is the world’s largest children’s museum. Spread over 472,900 square feet, the museum is enormous and has something for everyone.

As you approach the museum entrance, giant Brachiosaurus sculptures welcome you.

The five floors of the museum contain over a dozen exhibits that house the museum’s collection of more than 120,000 artifacts and exhibit items.

The collection is divided into three main categories— the American Collection, the Cultural World Collection, and the Natural World Collection. Didn’t I just say there is something for everyone?

The most popular exhibits include Dinosphere, Fireworks of Glass, and Carousel Wishes & Dreams.

One of the coolest things about the museum is how it is designed to be interactive, allowing visitors to have a more immersive experience. It’s a great fun place you wouldn’t want to miss if you are traveling with kids.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art

One for the Art lovers! The Indianapolis Museum of Art is located on a massive 152 acres campus that also houses other attractions like Lily House and the Beer Garden.

The museum’s collection has more than 54,000 works of art — paintings, sculptures, prints, and more — from around the world. The collection features some of the most famous painters and artists, including Rembrandt, Picasso, Turner, Cezanne, LeWitt, and Sherman.

While visiting the Museum of Art, do not miss the Radiographic image of an African Songye power figure. It is a must-see!

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

Photo by Rdsmith4, Wikipedia. CC BY-SA 2.5

Oh Yes! Get ready for an adrenaline-rushing experience if you are a racing enthusiast. 

Located on the grounds of the 112-year-old racing circuit, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the museum has obvious and inherent connections to two of the most famous annual races in the US, the Indianapolis 500 and Brickyard 400. But its exhibits also cover other forms of motorsports, passenger cars, and general automotive history.

The exhibits include some of the finest classic racing cars used in Formula One, NASCAR, Indianapolis 500, Le Mans. You will find many vintage racing and passenger cars on display as well.

The museum is the permanent home to the Borg-Warner Trophy and has other trophies on display too. 

Then there’s the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame with 159 inductees — including some of the finest race car drivers the world has ever seen —  enshrined into the hall.

You can’t miss this place if you are in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Zoo

Azy, a male orangutan at the Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center. Photo by Tom Britt, Wikipedia. CC BY 2.0

The Indianapolis Zoo is also identified as an Aquarium and a Botanical garden. Now that’s unique! The Zoo houses an astounding 3800 animals of more than 320 species and subspecies.

The main attractions of the zoo include the St. Vincent Dolphin Pavilion and the International Orangutan Centre.

Then there’s the popular MISTery park, where the landscape path features flowers, tall grasses, and trees with a cooling fog created by misters.

Through programs like Feed-a-Giraffe and Flamingo Feed Experience, the zoo offers its visitors an awesome interactive experience.

Take your children on a full-day tour of the Indianapolis Zoo, and you will not regret it. Also, don’t forget to stop by the gift shop and collect some souvenirs to make your visit more memorable.

So these were some of the places you must visit if you’re in Indianapolis. I must add that due to the pandemic, some sections might not be open, or there could be certain restrictions. So make sure you do the necessary research before visiting.

Also, please follow the guideline. Have fun but stay safe.

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