The video is of a happy girl with her brothers and sister.

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Yesterday, I was suffering through my Instagram and I found this beautiful video.
Some people say that happiness is not a destination but rather a path. That may be true, and it's possible to shift the course of your own path, and stay happy too! Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones is a good way to gain positivity. It can be difficult, but it is achievable.
However, it's not just about learning how to be happy — it's also about learning how to find happiness in every phase of life!
This is a really great video. It shows the happiness of these children and how happy they are in their poor life. It is really beautiful to see. It really touches my heart. They are happy in their poverty, loneliness, and illness. But they are not sad. That's because of the power of love that keeps them going on even in bad times.

This is a really good video. I've watched it many times before but always found it to be really touching and thought-provoking.
The video is captured in the car's window. It is really nice work by the video shooter. He/she captured their happiness, and I really appreciate him/her.

This has gone viral and many people like this video.
It occurs at around 54k likes.

God bless this girl and her brothers.
People share beautiful hearts in the comment boxes for these children.

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Thank you and come again.

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