The adorable video of the toddler playing with the dog

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The funniest things are done by toddlers, which is why we find them to be so endearing.

We all grin as we watch their little fingers struggle to grab things and their clumsiness when they try to walk.

Picking up and beginning to eat strange objects is one of the genuinely wonderful things toddlers do for me.

They see us eat and assume that whatever we put on our plates is food. I'd venture to say that it's the most crucial lesson we ever teach them: don't eat everything!

But actually, that is funny. So today we will talk about the adorable video of the toddler playing with the dog.

The Internet is all aflutter over a video of a toddler affectionately playing with a dog.

This healed my heart.

Seeing a toddler get comfortable among animals is a joy to see. A post by a user daily.doseofdoggos become popular. The toddler felt great joy while playing with the dog.

In the video, we see that toddler looking so cute and also very happy and enjoying the snow with a dog.

This video has received over a million views and over 728 thousand likes.

The viewers have commented on this adorable post. Let's see some of the comments.

"The cutest thing I have seen today" with a crying emoji.

"She is so gentle, you can really see that she loves this baby" with a red heart emoji.

"There is nothing more pure in this world than this right here."

"I love that the dog recognizes she is a baby and plays as such."

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