Relationship: My girlfriend dumped me because I didn't have enough money.

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*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by a family member, who witnessed them firsthand; used with permission.
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It's amazing how many individuals in this day and age are unable to empathize with the emotions of others.

Based on my experience, it is really difficult to find someone in this day and age in whom you can put your trust. People only stay with you for a short time before breaking up with you. I'm overcome with sadness as I sit down to write this. Today, I'm putting pen to paper to begin a new chapter in my life's narrative.

The only woman I spoke to throughout those days was the one who had her face etched into my memory. We became friends when I approached her one day and struck up a conversation.

We were together for over a year and always talked about getting a place together, but near the end, she just kind of disappeared. After a while and no word, I realized she wasn't coming back.

I just realized that she doesn't want to live with me anymore. I tried to ask her, but she didn't say anything during those last few weeks. So I decided to break up with her because it's not fair for me to keep waiting for nothing.

I asked her about it and she just said that we were at different places in our lives and that since I was planning on moving away for a while, there was no point in staying together. I moved away two months ago, and I haven't seen or heard from her since.

After months, my friend calls me and we just randomly discuss our lives. He is my childhood friend, so he knows everything and anything about my life. So from the conversation, he says, "I want to tell you something regarding your ex-girlfriend," and then I get to know that she has a new boyfriend.

I am a poor person, and she was also. Now after we broke up, she doesn't want to receive my calls or at least doesn't want to talk. But whenever I am trying to get her on line, you can see that she is replying and answering my calls. But she is not replying or answering my calls when I am trying to get her online. Do you have any idea why?

I told her money didn't matter to me, but she insisted it did. I tried to explain that we can never be happy when she thinks too much about money and it's not the main thing in life, but she just doesn't want that.
I told her I don't know how much you make, but I'm willing to work hard and save up money. I kept pushing it, telling her that I wanted to keep your love because I love you and it makes me happy, but she just said no.
She wants air and a good time with someone new! She is no longer attracted to me or anything about me.

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