8 fun ways to celebrate New Year's Eve indoors

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It definitely is a bummer that we don’t get to travel or be out celebrating this year. But honestly speaking, even if it wasn’t because of COVID, my husband and I would likely be doing something indoors anyway. Unless we had travel plans, we’d been spending New Year’s Eve at home for the past few years. And there are a few things that I actually look forward to doing on my own before welcoming a new year. This year will be no different.

What really makes a good celebration isn’t always necessarily about how big a party is. Sometimes, it’s the small things that can really bring you true joy and happiness.

So in case you’re in need of some fun ideas for New Year’s Eve this year, read on for more.

1. Dance to your own Silent Disco at home

Silent discos have been popular at music festivals because they allow dancing to continue way past noise curfews. Borrow the concept and host your own silent party at home. Dance to your favorite songs and have a blast without disturbing your neighbors.


2. Host a virtual game night with family and friends from afar

Pick a time and send out an e-invitation to invite your friends and family to your virtual game night! Prepare some riddles, 20 questions, or play a round of truth or dare. If your virtual game night is adults only, consider a game like Cards Against Humanity or What Does It Meme. It's a great way to enjoy some quality time together despite being physically apart.

3. Treat yourself to an intensive self-care session

Because you’ve had a rough year — need I say more? Plan out a full-on at-home spa day for yourself and dedicate the last day of 2020 to taking care of yourself. Whether you're going for a scalp scrub or a bath soak, planning on doing your nails and putting on a sheet mask, or trying out a guided meditation, focus on giving your body and mind all the love it needs to jumpstart the new year.


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4. Set up a photo booth and take some fun self-portraits!

Whether it’s by yourself, with your sister/bestie/roommate, or your other half, documenting a moment is never a bad idea! And even better when you can have fun setting up a fun photo backdrop. This silver fringe curtain from Amazon, for instance, is less than $10 and so easy to set up.


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5. Countdown around the world

From Australia, Japan, Dubai, Italy, to the U.K and U.S., consider “traveling” around the world as different regions say goodbye to 2020 and wave hello to the New Year! Websites like this one here will allow you to follow along in the order of the time zones so you know which countries are about to step into 2021. Many New Year’s events will be broadcasted live this year, which means cameras will be set up for the best possible views! I know this is nothing close to traveling in real life but it may be the next best thing considering the situation we’re all in at the moment.

6. Write a thank you letter to the special someone(s) in your life

Actively practicing gratitude on a daily basis has really helped to get me through this strange, challenging year. While in the past, I would just focus on writing the future me a letter to read the following year, I think it would be nice to also write letters to those I am extremely grateful for, especially this year — the people who may not realize how amazing they’ve actually been and how much they truly mean to me. To be honest, this may be the activity that I look forward to the most.

7. Learn how to make your own cocktails with a professional via Airbnb Experience

Why not book yourself and your friends or family an Airbnb Experience session, learning how to craft your own cocktails? It'll be fun for everyone to enjoy, and you'll be gaining a new skill! After the class, you'll get to treat yourself to a good drink, so it really is a win-win situation in my opinion.

8. Binge-watch all the New Year's Eve episodes on Sex and the City

If you haven't watched them all yet, this may be a perfect time! But go the extra mile and throw on your best Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, or Miranda outfit — and maybe a grab a few cosmos while you're at it! The TV show may be over 2 decades old, but the content is definitely still 100% relatable on so many levels!

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