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I am a fan of gift wrapping — in fact, I find the activity somewhat therapeutic! However, I know using wrapping paper creates unnecessary waste, and one of my goals has been to be more eco-conscious. So I started searching for sustainable alternatives, and in the process, I found a few of my favorites.

Read on for the top 5 ideas.

1. Re-purpose old newspaper

Newspaper is a great choice because when used correctly, they can actually give the present a great vintage, chic vibe like no other wrapping paper! So if you still subscribe to newspapers, save a few spreads that are mostly filled with words to use as wrapping paper. Or pick out the comic section just to add a fun twist to it.


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2. Re-use everything you can from your Black Friday packages

Every time I come across packages that are packed with tissue paper or bubble wraps, I save them in a bag so I can re-use them later. Although a lot of the time the tissue paper is scrunched and wrinkled, you can still flatten them out by ironing them!

When packing gifts in a paper bag, the tissue papers can easily spice up the presentation, but they can be used as wrapping paper, too. And when I’m sending a package to someone else, the bubble wrap comes in handy to ensure items are protected, especially if they’re fragile.

3. Use a silk scarf (and make it a part of the gift!)

This is actually one of my favorite methods once I discovered it a few years back. Include a silk scarf as part of your gift and use it to gift-wrap the other gifts! And quite honestly, sometimes a silk scarf isn’t that much more expensive than wrapping paper!


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4. Go for a multi-purpose reusable cloth bag

Whether it’s a cloth bag that was designed for gift-wrapping or a tote bag that they can use for grocery shopping later, wrapping a present with something that can easily be reused is the goal. My tip is to NOT choose bags that are too Christmas-themed so people feel comfortable using them throughout the year. This one or this one on Etsy, for example, are great options. These reusable gift wrapping sets on Amazon are great options, too, whether you are gifting men or women.

5. Opt for recycled wrapping materials that can be recycled again

If you really, truly still prefer wrapping paper, choose ones that are made with recycled materials! A lot of brands now offer a greener line of gift-wrapping products, including bows and ribbons that are made of paper, too. There are also a few companies that specialize in recycling newsprint or other paper materials, like Wrappily.

The most environmentally friendly option is certainly skipping the wrapping part altogether, but part of the holiday fun is definitely unwrapping and opening presents! I believe finding a good balance is the best way to go.

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