What do you think of Pokemon Legends: Arceus?



It's a decent game. And as a $40 game, I think it's too expensive. The game still feels like it's in the early stage. There are ups and downs in this game which I should point out. Do let's talk about gameplay.

1. Gameplay

Gamefreak finally added it. The ability to jump, swim, crouch, and other things. For the last twenty years, I have been keeping seeing the same damn gameplay where you can just jog and run and when it came to just jumping a rock, you still needed a pokemon to do it for you.

And PokeBall throwing is probably the best thing they introduced by far. Now you no longer just go to a wild pokemon battle and pick the option about catching it. You have to manually catch it. It's something they tried in Pokemon Let's Go games but it was trash. But after polishing the mechanics, it's pretty good.

It's an addition they should have made years ago when implementing 3D gameplay but at least we finally got it.

2. Pokebattles

It's good in my opinion. They finally thought about adding something new to this game and the pokemon battles feel fresh. The ability that you can interact with the player while doing pokemon battles is something huge for me. Gamefreak has been copy-pasting this same battle formula for the last twenty years and now seeing actual changes feel good.

3. Environment/Wild

It's dead. No matter how I look at it, it's bad. The terrain just feels so bland that I cannot express enough. It's like they invested the bare minimum budget to actually do anything to the environment.

And about wild Pokemons, they are the same. I was happy to see that one pokemon can interact with another pokemon but if you play a bit more than you would realize, they would do nothing but stare at each other's faces. And when alone, they would just sit there, questioning their existence unless the player interacts with it.

In short, this game does bring out new ideas and gameplay but lacks polishing. If given enough time and effort, then I believe this game will be worth $60.

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