Opinion: Rep. Walberg's role in bank failures and diminished SNAP

Hank Cetola

U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg (R - Tipton)Photo byHouse.gov

I want to address two related issues: bank failures and a proposed bill making SNAP benefits more difficult to get. How are they related? The person who represents Lenawee County and the rest of the 5th district, Tim Walberg, is involved with both. Let’s start with bank failures.

Since Congress approved a rollback of financial regulations in 2018 which included a “Yea” vote from Walberg, there have been 10 bank failures according to the FDIC, including the two most recent, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. Even though financial seer Donald Trump, Jr. claimed that

SVB is what happens when you push a leftist/woke ideology and have that take precedent over common sense business practices. This won’t be the last failure of this nature so long as people are rewarded for pushing this bs.

Wokeness? These banks might still be around today if it weren’t for deregulation That was passed By Congress in 2018 which included Tim Walberg’s vote. These failures are exactly why we need government regulation of financial institutions and other businesses. Regulations are there to protect citizens from corporate greed and other nefarious deeds. Apparently, our Representative does not believe that. He cares far less for the common person than he does for corporations and the wealthy. He does not represent, nor care for, most of his constituents.

More evidence of Walberg’s lack of concern for many of his constituents is found in his co-sponsoring of Rep. Dusty Johnson’s (R – S.D.) America Works Act (H.B. 8004). This act is a direct assault on poor, childless, able-bodied adults receiving SNAP benefits. It raises the maximum age for work requirements from 49 to 65. It reduces a state’s ability to waive work requirements, even though Republicans are generally in favor of state's rights. And, it emphasizes job requirements for able-bodied adults without children. Walberg does not want to spend taxpayer’s money on the poor, but he happily signed the bill that drastically reduced taxes for corporations and wealthy Americans. His voting record on many issues shows that he ignores the needs of many of his constituents in favor of the wealthy. But, then again, follow the money.

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