Can You Tell The Dressing styles Of The 29 States?


Indian fashion for what it is a most fascinating topic in most parts of the world. This country in question sits alongside the very few others at the very top of world fashion.

Most cultures of different parts of the world, such as the Italian, the Egyptian, German, and the American culture embrace fashion to certain extents that it is almost their way of life. But, when it comes to Indian culture, fashion is not just a part of culture, it is a way of life.

No sane man can avoid fashion; every day we partake in fashion as parts of our lives; When we go shopping for cloths, we partake in fashion. When we think about what cloths to wear, when to wear them, and how we will look on them, we partake in fashion. When we clean up the house to make it look appealing we indulge in fashion. It is a compelling art we can not resist; Fashion blends into our lives so well that we do not see it when it is being active.
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Given its importance, what could be said to have been the very back bone of this phenomenon? And especially, what is its foundation and how strong is it? Going back in history, fashion can be traced back to the very core of the ancient world, and can be traced back to the period of Heidelbergensis. Thus, fashion can be said to have started gaining notice right from when humans realized the importance of shelter, and clothing. It is indeed a grand and vast topic.

There is no telling where it actually started nor who its founder is, but, it fair to say that India has been one of its major back bone bones of all time.

The Indian culture, how is it and why is it so famous? The country has gained its credibility today because of its never-ending but natural effort to improve art. And even more surprising, as a point o back this up, is that every state in India has its manner of traditional dressing, and no two are the same. It is a mind-blowing fact.

To see how true this is and why India needs to be awarded the best of the top ten fashionable countries, let us take a look at the unique dresses every one of these states has made for its use.

West Bengal

Men in this state traditionally put on a clothing called panjabi as a way of representing and respecting the Indian culture. Women here prefer to go with saree as a traditional dress code.


Here, men wear a clothing called lungi under a shirt. For the women, put on ghagri coupled with odhni and coli to portray their traditional reverence.

Uttar Pradesh

Here, men wear lungi and pajama, while women put on salwar kameez and sarees.


Men here wear Rikutu Gamcha coupled with kubai, while the women on the other hand, wear Rinai.


Here men wear dhoti and kurta, while women put on sarees to portray their tradition.

Tamil Nadu

Men here put on lungi and shirts, while the women put on long pavada( a kind of long blouse).


Men here wear bahku paired with trousers,while the women put on honju ( a kind of Indian blouse ).


Men here wear angarkha, dhotis, and safa. While women on the other hand, prefer to wear tops and long skirts.


Men here wear kurta and pajama. While women put on ghangra as their traditional clothes.


Men here prefer to wear kurta and dhoti, while women prefer to wear Sambalpuri and kataki sari.


Men here wear a clothing called Ratapfe, while women wear a kind of clothing called angami (it comes with an inner long sleeve, a petticoat, and a white skirt. When on, this manner of dressing for women can be said to be one of the most attractive and beautiful in the whole of India.


Men here put on loincloth as their traditional clothing, while women put on a garment called jainsen.


Men here put on a long and loosed clothing, a fraic is curled round their neck and shoulder, while they wear unique bands( which are usually red in color). While for the women, they put on puan and puanchei.


Men here prefer to wear dhoti and a jacket, whiley women wear innaphi and phanek (a kind of fabric that is usually wrapped around the waist).


Men here wear Dhotar and pheta, while the women put on saree and choli (which is also called lugda ).

Madhya Pradesh

Here, men usually put on dhoti shirt and turban, while women put on choli and lehenga while they cover their heads with odhni.


Here, men put on a clothing traditionally known as kalli Mundu, while women wear sarees.


Men here put on dhoti, while women prefer Mysore silk and sarees. This pattern of dressing for women is most common in this state that an Indian from another states tend to feel compelled to wear it when they are in Karnataka.


Here, men put on a long clothing called bhagwan, while women wear sarees and a long blouse.

Jammu and Kashmir

Here, both men and women wear a clothing called pheran ( but sometimes this can be mixed with a kind of Indian cloth called churidar by the women).

Himachal Pradesh

In this state, men prefer to put on dhoti and kurta, and sometimes pyjama coupled with a pagri. While for the women, they prefer either ghagra and lehenga, rahide, or Kurtas.


Here men prefer to wear dhoti, kurta, and a shirt. While the women prefer to daman, angia, and coupled with a shirt.


In this part of India, men usually put on dhoti and bandis( sometime kurtas), while the women are known for wearing salwar and kamiz.


This state is slightly different from the rest as the men often put on random Indian dresses such as full length dresses and trouser. The women here seem more curious with their traditional dresses because they usually put on saris most of the time.


Here, men put on series of clothing, from abhuj marias, halbas, Gholtus, to plain garments. The women on the other hand wear a particular kind of saris.


Here men usually put on kurta and dhoti, while women put on sarees.

Arunachal Pradesh

The men this state put on lungi and yarn. And for the women, they wear traditionally designed coats and skirts.


The men of this clan out on lungis a kurtis, while the women put on Mekhela Chadar ( a kind of fabric designed with gold and red color ).

Andhra Pradesh

This is much like many other states in India; The men out on kurti and dhoti while the women usually put on sarees.

This is how vast and rich India is in culture and fashion, how many countries in the world can beat this endless list of unique dresses? If there is any, then it definitely will be a tie. So, if you want to experience real fashion then make India your first target.

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