(VIDEO) Funny Sounds My Dogs Make Everyday!

8 Funny Sounds My Huskies Make Everyday Hello Buddy! Glad to see YOU here again :) Please enjoy these funny clips of Hachi, Kaia, and Baxter making funny noises thorough out the day 😂😂 It's so funny hearing them make their funny dog sounds everyday! Please let us know which sound was your favorite! :)

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Hi Buddy! Hachi and his "hooman" are dedicated to providing fun as well as informative videos related to the dog lifestyle! We love activities such as Hide & Seek, Fetch, Tasting Food, ASMR, Challenges, Exercising, and much more! Our goal is to share our joyful moments with the world so that we can spread happiness and give you ideas on how to provide the highest level of interaction with your own dogs.

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