Days of our Lives Spoilers: No Assistance Will be Received by Gabi.


Another fight awaits Gabi DiMera. Stefan DiMera feels let down in the meanwhile. Brady Black and Eric Brady will also be demonstrating that sorrow likes company.

No Assistance was received by Gabi

First, according to the 'Days of Our Lives teasers, Gabi did not receive the assistance she sought from Dr. Wilhelm Rolf. She will continue to be vying for Stefan's affection despite some unexpected complications.
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Sorry for the pun!

But she also has other battles to contend with. After speaking with Stefan, it appears Vivian Alamain made the decision to send assistance after all.

And as a result, Gabi will make every effort to clear Dr. Rolf of blame. That will likely bother Rafe Hernandez, and Gabi won't like it, we're fairly certain. After all, if Dr. Rolf is imprisoned, how is he going to solve the most recent catastrophe he created?

The Oops Moment

Regarding Stefan, 'Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest he devised a strategy to avenge EJ. Gabi's own strategy, unfortunately, got in the way of him. Stefan will be miffed to hear that Nicole Walker received the drink he intended for EJ. He'll probably move on to another plan right away, but we wonder if Gabi won't sabotage that one as well.

We enjoy seeing the consequences even if it seems that Stefan can't seem to catch a break these days. It's unclear if the fact that EJ avoided embarrassing himself while under the influence of that substance or the fact that he will be hailed as a hero for acting so politely towards a drugged Nicole will be worse for him.

Spoilers For February 7

Brady and Eric, on the other hand, have a lot to unpack, and they'll begin on February 7. They will discuss their most recent romantic comedies with one another, and that could take some time!

But they're also going to talk about how sad they are to have lost Marlena Evans. This time, maybe, these two will come up with a less dramatic solution to their issue than a false kidnapping.

An Unexpected Outcome

Finally, hints indicate that Eric helps Nicole. She assured Eric that she didn't require his assistance as she collapsed in front of him in the weekly.

Whatever Stefan placed in that cup, we assume it's still having an impact on her. And we ponder whether things may deteriorate further, leaving Stefan with even more issues than he already has.

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