Who is leaving Days of our Lives in 2023?


Over the course of more than 50 years, Days of Our Lives has entertained viewers and established itself as a mainstay in the daytime television industry.

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Many characters have appeared and disappeared from the show, but some have made an enduring impression on fans.

Unfortunately, it appears that some of the audience favorites from the series will be leaving in 2023.

As they bid their favorite actors and actresses farewell, fans are in for a surprise.

Days of Our Lives

The Brady and Horton families are the focus of the program, which is set in the fictional Illinois city of Salem. However, there is also a strong presence of other families, like the Kiriakis and DiMera families.

The matriarch of the Horton family in the series, Alice Horton (Frances Reid), had her final formal appearance in December 2007, but she continued to be a part of the show until her death in 2010. Suzanne Rogers has been a part of the show since August 1973, making her the longest-serving actor in the current cast as well as the longest-running actor in an American soap opera.

Susan Seaforth Hayes, the second longest-serving actor on Days of Our Lives, is the only cast member on the show throughout all seven decades it has been broadcast. She made her acting debut in December 1968 playing Julie Olson, who had been replaced.

The winter teaser for the daytime drama suggested that Marlena, Kate, and Kayla were all in danger and one or more would not survive. There was a quick glimpse of the three women joining Bo (Peter Reckell) in paradise in Beyond Salem's Chapter 2.

To find out what that means, Days fans will have to keep watching. If the show's creators were to kill off one of the three women, it would probably be Kate because Kayla and Marlena have recently had more prominent roles.

Why are they leaving?

There has not yet been any official confirmation of the departure of any characters from the series in 2023.

There have been reports, meanwhile, that some of the show's most well-known performers and actresses may be leaving the project.

Actors and actresses frequently take temporary leave from daytime television shows. Many people decide to take a vacation from watching television in order to work on other things or to escape the demanding schedule of a daily series.

Actors may occasionally decide to permanently leave a show in order to concentrate on their personal lives or to pursue other career options.

The news that a few of their favorite Days of Our Lives characters would depart the show in 2023 will definitely upset fans.

Who is leaving the days of our lives in 2023?

There has been no indication that Lauren plans to leave the soap opera she has called home for more than 25 years. Actress Deborah Adair originated a role in 1993; Lauren took over after her.

As well-known actors like Peter and Kristian Alfonso (Hope) are set to make their comebacks this winter, Lauren might briefly quit the show. Actors and actresses from Days frequently take a few months off acting to further other plots. We do not currently know who will be departing the show in 2023.

Final Thoughts

It's crucial to remember that the program has been delighting viewers for more than 50 years and will do so in the future. Despite the series' long history and great cast, new characters will certainly be added to keep the plot interesting and unique.

While we may have to say goodbye to some of our favorite actors and actresses, Days of Our Lives fans may look forward to fresh plotlines and intriguing twists.

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