These simple steps transformed my life.

If it worked on me, It should work for anybody. I used to feel it was very difficult to drift away from my regime of being lethargic the whole day. Since the lockdown has started, I'm staying home all day just working, eating, and sleeping. These miraculous ways have brought a positive change in me. They mainly include:

1) Healthy eating habits,

2) Mental calmness,

3) Meditate

4) Physical fitness, and

5) Getting social.

I feel more active, healthy, and happy. Not just that, I have found out that I'm getting more productive in my work. I'm able to finish things early then I enjoy plenty of time for my well-being. These steps have made me start working out, cook good food for myself, clean my place, stay focused and ambitious, and much more. It has contributed a lot to my up-gradation. I can't describe how happy I am to see this new me. Just a few of the simple changes can do miracles.

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