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We recently saw the NFL update the power rankings following the Super Bowl.

Check out the new NFL power rankings below:

1. Los Angeles Rams 16-5

The Rams went all in this season. Their gamble paid off. Matthew Stafford, Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, Cooper Kupp, and many others finally got their well-deserved Super Bowl ring.

2. Kansas City Chiefs 14-6

The Chiefs had a meltdown in the AFC Championship game, but they still can beat anyone on any day.

3. Buffalo Bills 12-7

The Bills lost a heartbreaker to the Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Playoffs. But they'll be back next season.

4. Cincinnati Bengals 13-8

The Bengals fairy tale had a sad ending. They had a chance to win, but I think lack of experience cost them there at the end of the Super Bowl. If the Bengals want a chance to compete again, they need to fix their offensive line for Joe Burrow's sake in the very near future.

5. Green Bay Packers 13-5

If Aaron Rodgers stays, expect a Super Bowl-or-Bust mentality in Green Bay.

6. San Francisco 49ers 12-8

It's time for San Francisco to move on from Jimmy G. Give Trey Lance his shot. It's time and he is a perfect fit for the 49ers type of offense. Imagine the designed runs that could be cooked up for Trey Lance and company. Jimmy G. would fit better somewhere else for a time in need of a veteran QB for a couple of seasons.

7. Dallas Cowboys 12-6

Even after 12 wins, the Cowboys are disappointed. They had a Super Bowl-or-Bust mentality. They just aren't there yet.

8. Tennessee Titans 12-6

Titans won't have much cap space to sure things up for another shot at a Super Bowl run.

9. Indianapolis Colts 9-8

Carson Wentz may be holding the Colts back, but he's not going anywhere. He better get it together. With Jonathan Taylor and good defense, the Colts always have a chance.

10. New England Patriots 10-8

The future is bright is finally bright in Foxboro after Tom Brady. Great defense and a bright young star in Mac Jones.

11. Los Angeles Chargers 9-8

The Chargers hit on Justin Herbert. He is one of the future best QBs in the NFL. He is already in the top 10. Maybe even top 5. If the Chargers spend right or invest in the right offseason pick-ups, they will be in contender status.

12. Baltimore Ravens 8-9

The Ravens lost a lot of players to injury. Ultimately, it was too much to overcome. But a Super Bowl contending team that will heal for next season with a top 15 pick? That's something. The Baltimore Ravens will probably be in the AFC Championship and quite possibly the Super Bowl next season.

13. Arizona Cardinals 11-7

The Cardinals had an amazing start that quickly burnt out. Now, there is speculation that Murray may be a trade candidate this offseason. If Murray leaves, the Cardinals will drop to the 20's.

14. Cleveland Browns 8-9

Is Baker Mayfield really the answer? I don't know, but who else really is this offseason then? The Browns need to invest in another WR and maybe think about just going even more run-heavy. Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt are a top duo if they can stay healthy. Johnson is solid too.

15. Las Vegas Raiders 10-8

I think it is great that the Raiders are finally committing to Derek Carr. Putting confidence in a player is critical. He may not be the best QB, but he is a Matthew Stafford-like QB that can get the job done if you surround him with the right players and coaches as we saw just recently.

16. Philadelphia Eagles 9-9

The Eagles need to build their offense around Jalen Hurts and give him playmakers. Build an offense similar to the Baltimore Ravens with Lamar Jackson. Maybe hire Greg Roman as your coach.

17. Minnesota Vikings 8-9

It's time for the Vikings to either commit to Cousins and the playoffs or trade him and start fresh and go run-heavy with Cook and Mattison.

18. New Orleans Saints 9-8

I see a rebuild coming in New Orleans. Life after Drew Brees AND Sean Payton is going to be tough. I expect a lot of defense-first football in New Orleans.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14-5

Will Tampa survive life without Brady? Don't expect the playoffs next season. The NFC South is anyone's game next season. I could see new QBs in the plan for all 4 teams.

20. Miami Dolphins 9-8

The Dolphins have blown it. They have had the chance to do something the past two seasons. Way too much drama in this organization.

21. Seattle Seahawks 7-10

Wilson wants to stay, but it will be the end of the Pete Carroll era if the Seahawks aren't there next January.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers 9-8-1

Life after Ben Roethlisberger will be tough, especially without any real clear plan. Expect the Steelers to trade for someone like Jimmy G.

23. Denver Broncos 7-10

The Broncos wants Aaron Rodgers so bad.

24. Chicago Bears 6-11

The Bears got a reset at head coach and GM. It was needed. It is time to create an offense around a future star in Justin Fields. Use his unique talents.

25. Washington Commanders 7-10

The Commanders need to solve the neverending issue at QB. Bring in a Jimmy G for a couple of years and groom a young QB. Fix it. You always have QB issues.

26. Atlanta Falcons 7-10

Is Matt Ryan done yet? Who knows, but the AFC South is open next year. Could the Falcons win it with the right offseason moves? What's up with Calvin Ridley?

27. New York Jets 4-13

The Jets need to give Zach Wilson what he needs to succeed. They didn't do it with Sam Darnold.

28. Detriot Lions 3-13-1

I think Dan Campbell could turn the Lions into a playoff-caliber team in a couple of years.

29. New York Giants 4-13

The Giants are going the wrong way.

30. Carolina Panthers 5-12

The Panthers need to do something. It's not working.

31. Houston Texans 4-13

The Watson situation needs to have some sort of conclusion for Houston to move forward.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars 3-14

Hopefully, Doug Pederson can start to save the Jaguars. Trevor Lawrence had a terrible start and the team has a second consecutive #1 overall pick. Oh and more projected cap space than 30 other teams.

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