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I noticed when I did the simulation yesterday that some people didn't agree with all of the playoff teams or buy into the Ravens winning the Super Bowl. And yes, I know it is just Madden, but I decided to do a second simulation. And I will probably do a third. But I did it because this is just one of the many reasons I have Ravens as the favorite to win the Super Bowl. They are clearly one of the top organizations in football.

The Ravens did not finish as the #1 seed this simulation, but (spoiler alert) they still won the Super Bowl.


#1 - Cleveland Browns

#2 - Kansas City Chiefs

#3 - New England Patriots

#4 - Tennesse Titans

#5 - Baltimore Ravens

#6 - Las Vegas Raiders

#7- Houston Texans

I highly doubt that the Texans make it, but hey it's Madden. Madden doesn't know all of the issues going on with Watson right now. I feel like in real life either the Chargers or Bills will make it instead. The Bills will probably win their division honestly, but I do think the Patriots make the playoffs this year. They have never missed two years in a row with Bill as the coach.

I could see the Browns winning the division (even though they probably won't), but I don't see them going very far in the playoffs, to be honest. Sometimes teams just look good on paper but aren't nearly as good out there on the field. The Browns have some good games, but then others where you are just like there's the normal Browns again.

I don't know if I see the Patriots winning the division, but I do see them making the playoffs because Bill Belichick has never missed the playoffs two seasons in a row. I don't see it happening, even without Tom Brady. And personally, I don't think the Bills are going to be nearly as good this season. Last season was a fluke. Nobody was ready for the Diggs and Allen combination. Now, teams are just going to double Diggs and pretty much shut down the Bills offense because they have no run game at all. It's one-dimensional. To be honest, I think the Patriots' defense will sweep the Bills in division games.

The Titans still don't have much of a defense, but let's be honest, that offense is going to be hard to stop. And the Chiefs are still the Chiefs, but the Raiders will finally make the playoffs too.


#1 - Seattle Seahawks

#2 - Green Bay Packers

#3 - New Orleans Saints

#4 - New York Giants

#5 - Dallas Cowboys

#6 - Los Angeles Rams

#7 - Minnesota Vikings

I am not sure that I agree with these NFC teams at all. But who knows. Since Rodgers is apparently staying in Green Bay, I could see them making it. But the Seahawks at #1? I feel like the Rams will be the #1 seed and the Seahawks will barely make the playoffs, if at all. Honestly, it's more likely the Buccaneers make it than the Seahawks. I also don't think both the Cowboys and Giants will make it. One or the other. Now, if the Eagles get Watson, the Eagles will make it over both.

I honestly don't see any team in the NFC is that great this year, except maybe the Rams. I don't see the Buccaneers even coming close to a repeat. Madden thinks they won't even make the playoffs, but I don't agree with that. But I do believe even if the Ravens don't win like Madden thinks, that the AFC is still winning this year.

Wildcard Round:

#2 Chiefs vs #7 Texans - 31 to 27 (Chiefs)

#3 Patriots vs #6 Raiders - 42 to 13 (Patriots)

#4 Titans vs #5 Ravens - 42 to 20 (Ravens)

#2 Packers vs #7 Vikings - 30 to 27 (Packers)

#3 Saints vs #6 Rams - 35 to 10 (Saints)

#4 Giants vs #5 Cowboys - 37 to 21 (Cowboys)

The Chiefs will probably beat whoever the 7th seed is, but I just don't see it being the Texans. Honestly, I think it'll be the Chargers. And if that is the case, then I could actually see them being the Chiefs, but who knows.

Patriots completely destroy the Raiders. And with their defense and coaching, I could see that.

And the Titans won't be able to handle the Ravens this season. They have a solid offense, but their defense is still just not that good. And once the Ravens are clicking in the passing game too... they will put up big points on pretty much every team.

As far as the NFC goes, if this is accurate, I still don't see it playing out exactly like this. For example, the Rams will probably beat the Saints in this example. I guess the other games would be pretty accurate, though.

Divisional Round:

#1 Browns vs #5 Ravens - 37 to 31 (Ravens)

#2 Chiefs vs #3 Patriots - 34 to 31 (Chiefs)

#1 Seahawks vs #5 Cowboys - 28 to 23 (Seahawks)

#2 Packers vs #3 Saints - 28 to 16 (Saints)

These games all make sense to me, but in real life, I honestly think the Patriots would beat the Chiefs. I think the Patriots' defense could rattle Mahomes, similar to the Buccaneers. I also think in real life that the Cowboys and Packers would win both of the NFC games, but let's go with what Madden says.

Championship Round:

#2 Chiefs vs #5 Ravens - 42 to 38 (Ravens)

#1 Seahawks vs #3 Saints - 41 to 17 (Seahawks)

I don't even think it would be that close with the Ravens and Chiefs. I think the Ravens would win by 2 to 3 scores if they met in the playoffs. I also think the Ravens will win big in the regular season against the Chiefs. Just a different season and I don't see the Chiefs having their way with everyone this season. People are catching on to them.

Super Bowl:

#1 Seahawks vs #5 Ravens: 38 to 21 (Ravens)

Super Bowl MVP: Calais Campbell, 4 sacks, 1 FF for a 32-yard touchdown.

I think the Ravens would wipe the floor with the Seahawks in a Super Bowl right now. In this Madden Simulation, the Seahawks couldn't handle Lamar and the passing game or the one-two punch of Dobbins and Edwards. Also, the defense sacked Wilson a total of 9 times.

Yearly Awards:

MVP - Patrick Mahomes (40 touchdowns)

Coach of the Year - Kevin Stefanski (Browns only had two losses in the regular season #1 seed)

Offensive Player of the Year - Aaron Rodgers (35 passing tds)

Defensive Player of the Year - Khalil Mack (18.5 sacks)

Offensive Rookie of the Year - Justin Fields (30 passing tds, 5 rushing tds)

Defensive Rookie of the Year - Odafe Oweh (87 tackles, 10.5 sacks, 4 forced fumbles)

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