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New Dominican Restaurant is Now Open

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When it comes to Latin restaurants throughout the Valley, Mexican is by far the most commonly located offering. Step out of your home, turn left, and you’ll stumble upon a Mexican joint, restaurant, cart, or bar in a short, brisk walk. But what about other Latino offerings? There are a few scattered throughout the region, but they are not as prominent. Thankfully, that is slowly changing, as more immigrants from various parts of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, are beginning to call metro Phoenix home. And now, a new Dominican restaurant has officially opened and is ready to serve the public. 

Located at 1130 West Grove Avenue in Mesa, Casa de Mambo has officially become part of the greater Phoenix restaurant community. The restaurant serves an assortment of Dominican recipes for anyone either craving food from back home, is interested in trying something new or wants to relieve days during a previous vacation. 

If you are not familiar with Dominican food, it is a mixture of Spanish, Middle Easter, and African, as well as Taino, which is an indigenous tribe of people that called the Caribbean home prior to Europeans coming in (Taino was not exclusive to the Dominican Republic, but also Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Bahamas). This eclectic mixture produces a delicious array of foods that are vastly different from other Latin American cuisines.

Casa de Mambo specializes in a number of meat and seafood dishes. If you’re looking to order one of the Combo Plates, you’ll find the Braised Beefsteak, which is braised and thinly sliced beefsteak, cooked with the restaurant’s own Dominican seasonings. Braised Chicken is also available, which is cooked using a family seasoning. This makes for a healthy alternative to the fried and battered chicken found at other restaurants. Not a fan of braised chicken? Not a problem, as sauteed and roasted chicken is also available. 

The codfish stew is one of the more original offerings that you’re not going to find at other restaurants. This is a salted codfish that is then stewed in a tomato-based broth along with onion, garlic, potatoes, and peppers. It is a hearty, warming soup that is perfect for this time of the year. 

Most cuisines with any kind of Spanish influence typically have some variation of empanadas, and Dominican is no exception. Here you will find various fried empanadas. There is also fried yuca, fritura platter, and quipes, which are similar to Lebanese kibbeh.

Casa de Mambo is open Monday through Saturday from 11 AM until 8 PM and 11 AM until 7 PM on Sunday. 

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