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Tucson Fast Food Chain Opens New Location in Phoenix

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A Tucson restaurant chain is opening a new location in Phoenix.Photo byEaters Collective/UnsplashonUnsplash

When it comes to food chains, a surprising number of these fast-food restaurants sprouted up either in the Midwest, or California. However, there are a number of regional fast-food offerings that do their part to offer local flare and a bit of excitement for outsiders as they discover a new taste not available back home. In Arizona, one of the longest-running fast-food chains has taken its time to expand. In fact, for decades, the chain remained specifically to the south of metro Phoenix in Tucson. However, in recent years, the chain has expanded throughout the Valley, and now, the fifth location has opened and is excited to serve customers. 

eegee’s origins date back to 1971 when friends started to sell frozen lemonade drinks to customers sitting outside, watching youth sporting events. The popularity grew almost immediately. The friends expanded their frozen drink lineup, and eventually expanded out to serving sub sandwiches as well as their award-winning french fries and Ranch Fries. However, for the majority of its history, eegee’s remained in metro Tucson, becoming a local staple that, for locals in the Valley, the only way they could enjoy the grinders served on freshly baked bread, was to make the drive south. That, thankfully, has changed in only the last several years. 

The chain set its sights on Phoenix shortly before the pandemic, and then, with the introduction of a new CEO, expansion started much more rapidly. While the chain is specifically focused on expanding its footprint within Arizona, it also has plans to press outward into surrounding states. For the restaurants currently set up in Phoenix, the newest eegee’s is serving customers at 2721 West Bell Road in Phoenix. The new location has also taken advantage of the updated storefront look, which features both a drive-through and a walk-up order window, so for anyone who stops by on their bicycle or who wants to place their order through the eegee’s mobile app for pickup, this will make grabbing food faster and easier. 

Every single sub sandwich and grinder is made featuring freshly baked bread that is made in-house. Unlike other chains, where the bread is brought in from the outside and then reheated, all bread is made fresh each morning at all eegee’s locations. The fries have won just about every “Best French Fry” award given in Tucson, and guests can also enjoy one of the namesake eegee frozen beverages to help beat the heat. 

The new location is open from 10:30 AM until 8 PM seven days a week (drive-through hours are extended to 10 PM). 

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