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Health Inspectors Hit Arizona Stadium With 7 Critical Violations

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U of A Stadium was hit with several health violations.Ani Kolleshi/Unsplash

Football season is back in full swing, and the Arizona Wildcats have already doubled their total win count from last season. With the Pac-12 schedule about to rev up and night games starting to cool down, it is a perfect time to head out to Arizona Stadium and catch a game. And nothing goes better with a game than concession food. Like every other restaurant, processing plant, and food truck, because food is prepared within the facility the stands are the subject of inspections from the health inspectors here in Tucson. In fact, each stand receives an individual grade. Inspections for the food stands were performed on September 10, and the stadium saw a number of critical infractions. 

Infractions during any inspection in Tucson are broken down into non-critical and critical. Non-critical has limited to no chance of causing safety concerns for the consumer. They are typically due to employees not wearing proper hair nets or something similar. Critical infractions, on the other hand, can lead to the spread of germs and sickness from consuming prepared food. 

Within the University of Arizona Stadium, Stand 2 received two critical infractions and an overall hazard score of 6. The first critical infraction observed was the hand washing sink being filled with food debris and cheese. This particular infraction was corrected at the time of the inspection. The second critical infraction was the hot dog heat lamp was not keeping the hot dogs at the necessary 135F (or above) temperature. 

Likewise, Stand 4 received two critical infractions and an overall hazard score of 6. The first critical infraction, which was corrected at the time of inspection, was two hand washing stations did not have paper towel, forcing washers to wipe their hands on clothing or aprons. The second critical infraction was again with the hot dog heat lamp, with hot dogs as low as 105F.

Stand 3 had, by far, the worst rating of any of the stands within the stadium, as it was hit with three critical infractions and a hazard score of 9. The first critical infraction was the temperature at which frozen chicken was being held. Frozen chicken needs to be kept at no higher than 38 degrees (and should be discarded above 45 degrees), and yet the tested chicken reached temperatures up to 53 degrees. The second critical infraction was, once again, with the hot dog heat lamp, and the third issue was the hand washing station did not have any water coming from either the hot or cold faucet. 

In total, the stadium concession stands received a hazard score of 21 and was hit with 7 critical infractions. Most of these infractions were corrected on the spot, although issues with the hot dog heat lamps did prove to be a concern throughout the entirety of the stadium. 

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