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Legendary Burger Chain Opening In Town

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An iconic burger chain is opening in town.Gabriel Testoni/Unsplash

Anyone craving a burger in metro Phoenix has no shortage of options. Most of the main burger chains in the United States have at least one restaurant slinging beef patties somewhere in the Valley. However, there is one legendary burger chain with a cult-like following (and even movies named after it) that, until recently, has been strangely absent. Thankfully, that changed just a few years ago, and now a second location is in the works.

White Castle is a truly unique burger eating experience. It started serving up smaller slider burgers decades ago, long before it became a trendy bar staple. Even the buildings themselves are creative, often designed to look like fast food castles, complete with white spires and blue trim.

The restaurant, which originally opened in Wichita, Kansas but is now headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, has its sights set on opening in South Tempe, off of I-10 and Warner. This will make it easier for anyone that’s been craving a White Castle slider to stop by, as they can hop off the interstate. And while it has been possible to pick up White Castle burgers in frozen food sections of many local grocery stores for years, it simply can’t replace the hot off the griddle experience of eating several piping-hot burgers.

Guests will be able to find everything from the classic 1921 Slider to the all-new Bacon Chicken Ring Slider at the new location.

The very first White Castle opened all the way back in 1921, which makes it the second oldest fast food chain in the entire country (A&W is technically the oldest, as the first location opened in 1919, although White Castle often claims to be the oldest chain because A&W only sold root beer when it first opened).

White Castle has had both up and down times in recent years. For decades, the restaurant flourished throughout the Midwest, although over the last decade a number of these locations have closed shop. Despite this, it was one of the first burger chains to offer Impossible Burger plant-based burger patties as an alternative to meat burgers. The restaurant chain has also slowed its approach to expansion, focusing on specific targets instead of trying to massively spread like wildfire.

The first Arizona location launched in Scottsdale back in 2019. The new Tempe location has a targeted opening date for the beginning of 2023. It will take a few extra months to open because the chain has to construct the building from the ground up in order to obtain its unique architectural design.

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