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New California Pizza Chain Opening Soon

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A new Italian-style pizza restaurant is opening soon.Gor Davtyan/Unsplash

Not all pizza styles are the same. It goes far beyond New York and Chicago-style pizzas. Just in the Midwestern United States alone, you will find everything from Detroit to Milwaukee-style pizzas. Here out on the West side of the country, many pizzas take advantage of thinner crusts, although you can find just about any variation of pizza in metro Phoenix. And now, a Southern California-based restaurant is bringing its Milanese-style pizza to the heart of the city.

Ambrogio 15 is based out of San Diego and has officially announced it is opening a new location in the Biltmore Fashion Park in Phoenix. It does not yet have an exact opening date, but the restaurant will be opening in the coming months, so don’t be shocked if you see it open, slinging pizza by the time the fall semester is in full swing.

Unlike other pizza restaurants around the Valley, Ambrogio 15 serves Milanese-style pizza. Milanese originates in the Italian city of Milan. Inside the restaurant, all pizzas are baked inside of an Italian Marra Forni Rotator brick oven. Baking the pizza at over 700 degrees, the high temperature allows for the outside of the crust to achieve a nice, crispy crunch, while the inside maintains a chewy center.

All of the ingredients served at the restaurant are, like the oven, imported directly from Italy. This way, guests can enjoy handcrafted Italian sausage, tomatoes, mozzarella, and other ingredients.

All of the current Ambrogio 15 restaurants possess a unique menu, although the majority of menu items are universally found in each location. The original menu was put together and authorized by Michelin Star Chef Silvio Salmoiraghi, Choi Cheolhyeok, and Paolo Tucci. For guests interested in pizza, they will first select the kind of crust they desire, which includes whole wheat, gluten-free, as well as the House special. Tomato sauce-based pizzas include the Marinara (which is a vegan pizza topped with garlic extra virgin olive oil, oregano, and Sicilian capers). Guests will also find the Hannibal Lecter (topped with mozzarella fiordilatte, spicy spianata calabra, grated Parmigiano, Italian sausage, porchetta, and red bell pepper), as well as a Margherita pizza (mozzarella fiordilatte, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, with prosciutto and other cheese variations as options).

The restaurant will also feature several appetizers, salads, cold cuts and cheese boars, plus several specialty items, like a gourmet spicy meat Nuvola and a prosciutto scrocchiarella (which is crunchy focaccia bread made with stone ground whole wheat flour and then filled with the prosciutto).

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