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Locally Owned Chain Opens Newest Location

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A local chain is opening a new restaurant.Jonathan Borba/Unsplash

When it comes to eating healthy, skipping the preservatives, and ditching the trans and processed fat that has a way of sneaking up into food, one of the best options to choose from is a raw fish restaurant. Sushi took the United States by storm years ago, and now it’s possible to find multiple sushi restaurants in just about any city in the country. And now, right on the sushi craze’s ankles, comes poke. This Hawaiian version of raw fish is served traditionally in a bowl, instead of a wrap. With the obvious similarities, one metro Phoenix restaurant decided to combine the two, and is now in the process of launching its fourth Valley restaurant. 

Pokitrition wants to offer residents of the Valley healthy alternatives to the other foods that currently flood the market. The local chain, which is owned and operated by Arizona State University graduates, sprung up back in 2017, and in the five years since its launch, the brand has won numerous local awards, including the Best Poke restaurant award from the Phoenix New Times, as well as the Best Poke from the Arizona Foothills Magazine.

For those who have not yet stopped inside one of the three other locations, the menu is a combination of both sushi and poke. There is even a little bit of southwest inside of the menu, with the ever-popular sushi burrito. This is a burrito-sized sushi roll, wrapped in a large piece of seaweed. Patrons eat the burrito just like they would a traditional burrito, only this one is packed full of all the favorite flavors found in favorite sushi rolls. 

In general, guests will build their own food. They can select a poke bowl, poke salad, and sushi burrito (also referred to as a poke wrap). From there, guests will select the kind of protein they would like, which ranges from ahi tuna to salmon, spicy tuna, premium tofu, cooked shrimp, and marinated tuna (to name a few). There are mix-ins, like onions and jalapeno, and then the final step is to select a sauce (sesame shojo, yuzu ponzu, wasabi dill, ginger miso, sriracha aioli, ChoJang, and eel sauce), and then to choose a side, toppings, and dry toppings. 

For anyone who doesn’t want to make their own, there are signature dishes to choose from, which include the Yuzu Salmon Bowl, Caribbean Bowl, Spice-Sea Burrito, and even a fire chicken sushi burrito. All of the fish is sushi-grade, fresh fish from Hawaii, and the fish is never frozen. 

The newest location is in Glendale at 9405 West Glendale Avenue (at the Westgate shopping center). It is open Monday through Saturday, 10:45 until 3 PM, and on Sunday from 10:45 until 7 PM. It is closed on Thursday. 

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