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Popular Restaurant Chain Opening New Location Downtown

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A new chicken sandwich restaurant is opening.Jacinto Diego/Unsplash

Certain restaurants, for one reason or another, have an almost cult-like following. Sometimes it is the exclusivity of the restaurant, where it does not open in certain areas of the country. Other times it simply stands above the competition in the quality of what it provides. For many on the East Coast, there is almost an elusive memory of In-N-Out, simply because the chain doesn’t exist on that side of the country. Others might think of the Sonics they once visited as a kid, but now the chain doesn’t exist where they live. Whatever the reason may be, one such chain restaurant with a massive following is opening a new location right in the heart of downtown Phoenix. 

Chick-fil-A will be opening a new restaurant right in downtown Phoenix. It is currently under construction out on 7th Avenue off of Roosevelt Street. For anyone driving along in the area, they will notice the new building going on next to the Starbucks. While there are other Chick-fil-A restaurants in the city, the popular fast-food location often has drive-through lines that back up into the street, so a new restaurant might help reduce some of this congestion. 

There is no specific timetable as to when the restaurant will open, but fast food chains like to have their restaurants up and running quickly, so construction should finish in the coming months. 

The new restaurant will have everything the other locations have, including a two-lane drive-through in hopes of limiting traffic congestion that might linger out into the street (which can cause other traffic problems). 

Chick-fil-A has seen expansive growth in the last several years, and while it once was a southern-only restaurant, it is now located in 47 states. Originally founded in Hapeville, Georgia back in 1946, the restaurant is older than most famous burger chains (although it previously went by the names Dwarf Grill and Dwarf House before settling on the name Chick-fil-A). The restaurant is known for its all-chicken menu, although during Lent, the restaurant does offer fish sandwiches as well, for those individuals who give up meat during the time period. The restaurant is also known for being closed on Sundays. This, of course, will continue on, as the new downtown Phoenix location will also be closed on Sundays. 

The restaurant has several locations outside of the United States, including in the United Kingdom and South Africa. It also just opened its first Puerto Rico location in March of this year.

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