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Local Restaurant Wants Guests to Lick Its Wall

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Licking the wall is encouraged at a local restaurant.Alex Guillaume/Unsplash

Have you ever had the urge to just stop everything you’re doing and lick a wall? Probably not. At least not since your very early childhood years, and yet one restaurant is now openly promoting your ability to lick its walls. This is a bold move considering most restaurants throughout the United States were shut down in order to prevent the spread of COVID. 

The Mission in Scottsdale’s Old Town isn’t the newest restaurant on the block. It has been open and in operation for several years now. Best known for its Latin-infused cuisine as it blends a number of cultural favorites from not only Central and South America, but Spain as well, the restaurant received a 2018 Diner’s Choice Award from Open Table. However, it wasn’t until recently that the restaurant started turning heads for a rather unusual proclamation made by its owner. 

One particular wall within the restaurant has been updated to be made top to bottom out of Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt is mined out of Pakistan’s Punjab region, and it has a number of health benefits over traditional table salt. However, what makes it stand out from other forms of salt is the pinkish hue it takes on due to the mineral composition of the salt. Many believe the pink salt gives off positive energy, which is why it is possible to purchase large chunks of the pink salt in lamp form. 

Lights placed within the pink salt end up producing a warm, orange-pink light, which is a soothing tone and can help warm an otherwise traditionally lit room. The Mission uses its Himalayan salt wall to do exactly this. However, management has also openly told patrons to go ahead and lick the wall. After all, the salt has health properties. 

The wall does receive a considerable amount of tongue action, not to mention it is regularly touched and fondled by curious hands wanting to feel the massive salt wall up close. And while the Himalayan salt does contain natural sanitary properties, it does receive enough action to require regular sanitation wipe downs by the staff. 

So despite all the recent health requirements put out by the state and federal governments due to the COVID pandemic, the restaurant is now openly touting its very lick-worthy wall. Guests are more than welcome to sample the wall with their tongues, because after all, sometimes the mood lighting is just right and it makes visitors just want to kiss something. 

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