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Restaurant Closes After Just 6 Months

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There's one fewer Italian restaurants now open in Phoenix.Paish Zaini/Unsplash

In any kind of business, it can take years before it turns a profit. According to Touch Bistro, most restaurants don’t turn a profit until somewhere from three to five years. However, not all restaurants make it this long. In fact, many businesses end up folding far sooner for various reasons. And, in the cast of one restaurant here in metro Phoenix, the establishment didn’t make it to the one-year mark. 

About a week ago, S. Maranto’s, an Italian restaurant, bakery, and grocery store, announced on its Instagram page that it would be shutting down and closing for good after just six months in business. In the statement, Michael Miller, the owner of S. Maranto’s, said that over the six months the business was not able to prove sustainable. Combined with other market conditions that have been affecting restaurants throughout the industry (such as rising costs, product shortages, and the difficulty of hiring a staff), everything added up against the business. 

For most restaurants, sustainability doesn’t become a reality for several years, so S. Maranto’s inability to become profitable so early on is not a surprise, and in general, is rather common within the industry. However, management decided instead of pushing on to see if the business could grab better traction that it would be better to cut any losses and shut down immediately. 

There will be no run-up to the closure. The restaurant and grocery store are closed up and guests will not be able to stop by for additional meals or products to serve at home. 

The restaurant and grocery store was located at 7000 East Mayo Blvd (Suite 1002) in Phoenix. It previously was open Monday through Saturday, from 11 AM until 9 PM, and closed on Sunday. While the grocery store sold a wide range of Italian-based goodies, the restaurant itself was best known for its selection of homemade pasta and sandwiches packed full of Italian meats and cheeses. 

While this restaurant and grocery store didn’t make it, the Maranto family is not new to the world of restaurants. Sam Maranto was the son of a first-generation Italian Immigrant and was born in 1926. By 1948, he had gone and opened his first Italian restaurant. In fact, the original Maranto’s restaurant is still running after over 70 years in business. The S. Maranto’s, for several reasons, just wasn’t able to survive the 70-plus years like the original.

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