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After Closing For 6 Years, Fan Favorite Restaurant Returns

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Breakfast and lunch will once again be served.Duncan Kidd/Unsplash

A restaurant popular for its eclectic breakfast is returning from the dust. Few restaurants close down on their own accord, while even fewer return, years later, with the same menu, decor, and atmosphere, and yet that is exactly what is happening here in Tucson. Life is all about timing, and for Patricia Schwabe, the timing is now right to bring back Tooley’s Cafe. 

If that name rings a bell somewhere in the back of your mind, it’s because the restaurant, located at 299 South Park Avenue, first opened up shop back in 1989. It continued to serve both breakfast and lunch to guests up until 2016. The restaurant didn’t close for the lack of business, financial trouble, or rising prices. 

Earlier in the year, Patricia’s sister passed away. At the time, Patricia would close Tooley’s Cafe during the summer and then reopen with the return of autumn, cooling weather, and the return of students. However, with the death in the family, the desire to reopen wasn’t there. She and the rest of her family, including her husband Ron (who originally started the restaurant) had enough on their plate, including other restaurants in Tucson, so opening the restaurant was pushed back further, and further, until, eventually, Tooley’s Cafe simply stayed closed. 

Restaurant licenses lapsed while the building sat closed, which made opening the restaurant even more of a challenge. However, now, six years later, Schwabe has decided enough time has passed, and that she will now open the restaurant back up. 

All of the necessary licenses have been obtained, and the finishing touches are being put on the interior to welcome guests back this coming Friday, June 3. Fans of the restaurant will be happy to see all of their favorite breakfast and lunch menu options will be there and completely unchanged. In fact, it’s the same menu the restaurant has been using since 1989. This includes full-plate cookies, vegan corn cakes, jalapeno syrup, turkey tacos, and others. 

The large patio will also once again seat guests (the patio seats almost three times the number of guests as the interior does). When previously opened, Tooley’s Cafe only accepted cash. There is no word yet as to if this practice will remain the same, or if they will accept credit this time around. 

Once the restaurant begins welcoming guests back, it will remain open Tuesdays through Sundays from 8 AM until 3 PM. It will remain closed on Mondays. 

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