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New Restaurant with Mexican Club Vibes Coming Soon

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A new restaurant and club is opening in Tucson.Kiryl Sharkouski/Unsplash

The Rio Nuevo board of directors routinely pumps money into new projects and restaurants in downtown Tucson, in an effort to enhance the overall image while bringing new tax revenue into the community. There’s a host of businesses throughout the region that have received an influx of cash to either start from scratch or add on to existing facilities in order to offer locals, and visitors, an enhanced experience. Now, one of the latest investments comes in the form of a new restaurant opening up on Congress Street. 

TABU Restaurant is part high-end dining, part festive Mexican nightclub. Located at 128 East Congress Street. The project is currently in the early stages of development, as the entire interior of the building needed to be gutted prior to any kind of new additions being made. 128 Congress is on the same block as Ten55 Brewing and next to Batch and The L Offices. However, the interior has fallen on hard times, and the project, from start to finish, calls for a $1 million renovation. Rio Nuevo is covering nearly a third of this with a $300,000 investment into the currently vacant space. 

When the restaurant and club is all said and done, the goal is to feature an eclectic array of musicians. It won’t only feature the normal local acts that are popular around Tucson, but also non-traditional jazz musicians, which is a music style currently lacking in the Old Pueblo. 

The food and drink menu will bring a familiar fusion of Mexican and Arizona culinary styles, as will the drink menu. However, beyond this, the menu has not yet been released, as the owners of the space are still working on polishing it off for the public. 

The idea for the restaurant and bar has been floating around between the three owners for several years now. Jesus Mario Ramirez registered the TABU Bar LLC back in January of 2020, while other members were founders of the Tucson company Vib’n. With little restaurant ownership experience of their own, the group will likely look to bring in experienced chefs to assist in putting together the menu. 

As the space is currently under construction, there is no set timetable for when TABU Restaurant will open up and be ready for the public. There are no websites or social media accounts yet created for the restaurant, so the best way to stay on top of further developments is to stay tuned for additional write-ups in the coming months. 

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