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Popular Pizza Food Truck Opening Physical Restaurant

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A popular food truck is opening a sit-down restaurant.Sahand Hoseini/Unsplash

Running a food truck provides owners an excellent gauge into what sort of demand their food might have, should they invest further financial resources into a physical brick and mortar location. A number of popular food trucks here in Tucson have, eventually, made the transition into a stationary location, which makes it easier for fans of the food to make it to the location during traditional business hours. And now, another popular food truck is making the move as it looks to increase its food-selling footprint. 

Ciao Down has been a food truck staple here in Tucson since 2015, offering patrons the chance to grab slices of pizza for a quick bite to eat or for much-needed sustenance after a night out. The food truck has prided itself in using the best, freshest ingredients from local providers, all while offering specialty pizzas with a very Tucson vibe to it. Some of the staple pizzas the food truck slings include The Edgy Veggie (made with red sauce, mushrooms, green peppers, onion, black olives, and cheese), the Margherita (red sauce, basil, and cheese), and The Extreme Supreme (red sauce, pepperoni, sausage, cheese, green peppers, olives, and mushrooms). And now, fans of the pizza will be able to enjoy a sit-down dining experience with the brand new restaurant. 

The Ciao Down restaurant will open in the Metal Arts Village, which is best known as the home of the Tucson Hop Shop. It’s a go-to destination for Tucson locals, whether they want to visit via car, walk, or bike. The Metal Arts Village is right off the bike path, so it’s an easy, paved, bike ride, not to mention a great way to work up an appetite (and burn off whatever calories are consumed). 

The official address of Ciao Down will be 3230 North Dodge Blvd (Suite E). The restaurant will share an outdoor patio with Tucson Hop Shop, which is great news for anyone who wants to grab a beer and pizza. Patrons of Tucson Hop Shop have likely grabbed a pizza from the Ciao Down food truck while enjoying a pint at the bar in the past, so this will make things even easier. 

The new restaurant will have an expanded menu over the food truck, although there’s no need to worry, because the food truck will remain running, and it’s always possible to check in on the truck’s GPS location via the Ciao Down website

Currently, the Ciao Down restaurant is scheduled to open by this fall. 

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