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Popular Burger and Beer Joint Opening Again

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Restaurants throughout greater Tucson have remained closed for various amounts of time. Some spots popped back open as soon as COVID restrictions allowed them to do so. Others remained shuttered for longer for various reasons. Whether due to safety concerns or employee shortages, these restaurants did not open their doors right away. One such location includes the popular Iron John’s Brewing Company taproom in downtown. That, however, is changing, with a few surprises added in. 

The brewery recently announced the 222 East Congress Street taproom would open once again to the public, beginning Thursday, February 10 at 5 PM. However, this is not the only bit of news from the brewery, as it will be unleashing its brand new Iron John’s Taproom and Kitchen on 5350 East Broadway Boulevard in a few months. 

For those who remember life before the pandemic, this location was once home to Monkey Burger. Iron John’s had announced it was partnering with the burger joint to create the new taproom and burger restaurant. Eventually, the two businesses decided Iron John’s would take control of the restaurant as well. However, COVID hit and all of those plans screeched to a halt. These plans though are back on the table, and plans are in place for this new location to open up sometime in the summer. 

The restaurant will be much more seamless than what had originally been planned back when Monkey Burger would remain semi-independent. Now that Iron John’s has taken control of the menu and the space, the restaurant itself will be one large, continuous location. This will make it easier for guests to grab food and a drink without needing to order beverages from one side of the building and food from the other. The renovations to offer the unified visual appearance inside the Broadway location are currently ongoing. 

When the restaurant does open, it will feature much of the original Monkey Burger menu. However, on top of the burgers, pizzas and a number of other dishes will be available as well. So, for those patrons who can’t decide between burgers and pizzas, Iron John’s Brewing Company will have it all taken care of. 

The best way to stay on top of the brewery and its different locations around Tucson is to follow its Facebook page. The website has not been updated in a while now (it still currently says Congress is closed and that renovations will be completed in 2021), but the Facebook page sees regular posts. 

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