New Drive-Through Coffee Shop Opening, Unique Brewing Process Used to Cut Waiting Time

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When you’re running late for work or need an afternoon pick-me-up, nothing hits the spot like a cup of Joe. But stopping and popping into a favorite coffee shop sometimes isn’t a viable option, and others might not want to pull into the drive-through of a national chain. For those looking for a quick way to grab locally produced coffee, there’s a new opportunity to do just that. 

Hillhouse Coffee is opening a brand new drive-through coffee shop located at 9881 East Tanque Verde Road. For this new destination, everything is about quality and speed. Because, after all, for those in a coffee drive-through line, it isn’t about sitting back and enjoying the atmosphere. It’s about grabbing the coffee and being on the road without much downtime. 

The coffee at Hillhouse Coffee will still be made fresh to order, and yet the coffee will come served faster than other outlets. This is because owners Eric Haberman and Logan Power decided to skip the espresso machine and other timely mechanics. Instead, they perform what is known as a cold roast. In this method, the brew is created by steeping the beans.

Hillhouse Coffee traditionally roasts its own beans, but with this process, the beans are steeped and then placed into a keg (yes, just like a beer keg). The beans within the keg have been allowed to steep for an extended period of time, so when the coffee keg is tapped, served will be able to whip out freshly brewed coffee in a shorter window of time. 

For those who like to enjoy some munchies with their cup of coffee, Hillhouse Coffee will also serve several baked good items, all of which come from local producers. This includes glazed doughnuts, a mango empanada, as well as several other sweet and baked treats. 

Both hot and cold beverages will be for sale, all of which are designed to give customers a quality pick-me-up without all the sitting and waiting in line, which is a common issue with many other chain coffee shops in town. 

Hillhouse Coffee will open its drive-through window sometime in February. The drive-through portion of the coffee shop will open up in the early part of the month, while the rest of the shop will be ready to service customers later on in February. To know exactly when Hillhouse decided to open, make sure to follow them on Facebook.

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