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New Doughnut Shop Opening in Town Soon

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If you’ve been searching for a way to get your early morning sugar rush on, things are about to get a little easier for you. That’s because a brand new Krispy Kreme is opening up here in Tucson. So if you’re a fan of their fresh, hot, melt-in-your-mouth glazed donuts, or if you’re someone who would rather go with the variety pack as you pick up some sweet treats for work, you’ll now have two Krispy Kremes to choose from in town. 

While it is possible to pick up donuts from the legendary brand in a number of the local grocery stores here in Tucson, it is impossible to replicate that freshly baked, still hot doughnut that dissolves when you bite into it. So, this second location will make experiencing that satisfaction easier than ever before. 

The new location is located at 1090 West Irvington Road. This is across the street from the Tucson Spectrum Shopping Center. For anyone that lives on the South Side of Tucson, or who has to travel south toward Nogales for work, this makes for an excellent location close to the freeway. 

This new location is not officially opened yet, but it will be opening shortly. There isn’t any word yet on the exact date, although you’ll know it’s open if the Hotlight has been turned on. Of course, if you don’t want to routinely drive past to see if the new location has opened up yet you can check the new West Irvington Road Krispy Kreme website for updates

Hours of operation will likely mirror that of the other Tucson location, which can be found at 5621 East Broadway. The shop is open from 5:30 Am until 9 PM every day of the week. However, the best time to stop by, if at all possible, is during the “Hotlight” hours. This is when Krispy Kreme has its famous glazed doughnut machine work and pumping out fresh, hot, donuts. While donuts throughout the rest of the day will still be baked fresh, when you want that extra warmth and the taste of still melting glaze, make sure to visit during the Hotlight hours. On every day of the week it is at 5:30 AM until 9 AM, and then at 5:30 PM until 9 PM. So whether you want a morning snack or a night, third-shift snack, these are the optimal times to visit one of the two neighborhood Krispy Kremes. 

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