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New Chic Restaurant Offers Better-Than-Organic Menu

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Nick Neuman is the owner of EVO. Located in the heart of Old Town, Scottsdale, the restaurant is an Italian-inspired restaurant, offering patrons both traditional and new takes on classic Italian food. And while Nick has found success in EVO, he’s always on the lookout for new restaurant ideas that will bring unique tastes to The Valley, so when his friend Nico Doniele approached him with an idea, he was all ears. 

Nico found metro Phoenix had very few restaurants that took care in where their produce and meats were sourced from. While a few do proudly proclaim they use locally sourced vegetation, very few restaurants work with regenerative farms. These are farms that do their part in reducing their carbon footprint by limiting or even reversing carbon monoxide produced by cattle through means of improving soil health. 

These kinds of restaurants have grown in popularity throughout California, and Nico wanted to bring the environmentally friendly restaurant idea to greater Phoenix. Nico liked the idea, and so the two have opened a new restaurant called Santé.

The new restaurant, which is located on the corner of Scottsdale Road and Tierra Buena Lane, features a 1920s bohemian chic-inspired interior. But more importantly, in order to help Nico achieve her vision, all of the food comes from local producers that are either carbon-neutral or carbon-negative. This way, as Nico sees it, all patrons can come in and enjoy their food, knowing they are doing their part in helping reduce climate change. 

The food they use isn’t simply organic. Organic only means additional chemicals and pesticides are not used, but many organic farms still produce a significant amount of greenhouse gases. Instead, Nick and Nico look at how all of the animals are raised, how the soil is cared for and treated, as well as what goes on at the farm. 

The menu will be rotating. Due to the limited number of farms they are able to work with and the location of these farms, Santé’s menu will need to change with the seasons. However, this also means food will be fresh and patrons will discover new favorites throughout the course of the year. 

The restaurant partners believe they will have no problem attracting customers to Santé. The fact that they had no problems filling their entire staff, at a time where most other restaurants are struggling to hire on work, shows there are many in The Valley who share the same wants and ideas as Nick and Nico. The entire staff will also be trained in providing answers and information to patrons who want to learn more about regenerative farming and how it impacts the earth for the greater good. 

The restaurant is opening in early January, and their full menu can be seen on their Love Santé website

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