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Popular Sandwich Shop Opening, Offering 30 Subs to Choose From

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When it comes to popular, long-standing restaurants here in Tucson, few are able to stand toe to toe with Cheba Hut. With over 30 specialty subs to choose from, it’s often a favorite destination for those who are hungry for a quality sandwich that’s served with toasted bread, melted cheese, and hot meat. And now, the official re-opening of Cheba Hut brings with it a new take and eating experience. 

The 446 North Campbell Street Cheba Hut will open its doors once again on December 6th. The restaurant had closed down in order to perform a complete renovation and offer patrons something a bit different. Now, there will be double the seating capacity, making it easier for those who want to stay and eat. There will also be a larger bar and even an impressive patio seating area. It’s important to note this new location is only four doors down from the original location, so fans of the sub shop shouldn’t have any problem finding it. 

Cheba Hut first opened up in Tempe back in 1998, but it has since spread down to Tucson. Now, the sub shop offers truly unique sandwiches patrons will not find anywhere else. This includes the Jamaican Red, which features a grilled chicken breast, jalapenos, green bell peppers, Shake and House dressing, plus a number of other goodies. There’s The Kind, which is a turkey, bacon, and shroom toasted sub, as well as almost three dozen other subs. 

All of the bread is baked fresh and rolled by hand by a baker that has been performing their craft for over 50 years. The bread is available in white, whole wheat, and the signature garlic herb. 

While Cheba Hut first opened in Arizona, with six in metro Phoenix and the one here in Tucson, it has grown rapidly in the 23 years since its inception. Now it has spread throughout corners of the country, with locations in 15 states, including Georgia, Wisconsin, Ohio, and California.

If you’re interested in checking out the newly designed Cheba Hut, want to take advantage of the expanded menu, or you simply are interested in grabbing a sandwich and sitting outside in the new patio (this time of year is perfect for outdoor eating here in Tucson), remember the official opening of the redesign takes place on December 6. Of course, if you can’t wait, there are the other five locations located just to the north in metro Phoenix. 

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