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New Coffee Shop in Fan-Favorite Stadium

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Grabbing a coffee will be easier than ever before.Beth Gast/Black Rock Coffee

Even the most avid baseball fan will admit some games can slow down to a crawl. As a spectator at the games sometimes there needs to be a bit of a pick-me-up, yet most parks and stadiums offer little more than beer and frozen beverages. 

If you’re someone who would rather sip on a steaming cup of your favorite coffee, you’ll finally have this opportunity the next time you head up to catch an Arizona Diamondbacks game. Black Rock Coffee Bar officially signed an agreement with the Diamondbacks to open a cafe directly inside the stadium. 

Despite being plunked down in the middle of the desert, Chase Field’s retractable roof is almost always closed. With the AC blasting, it can grow surprisingly cool inside the stadium, so a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee may be what you need to bring that core temperature back up. Plus, after the Diamondbacks’ performance last season, perhaps the plays as well as the fans could use a pick-me-up. 

Black Rock Coffee Bar has been around in Arizona for several years now, but it just moved into the Tucson area, taking over the storefront of a former Starbucks. On the corner of Campbell and Broadway (1821 East Broadway), you’ll be able to stop by and give the Oregon-based coffee shop a try if you haven’t already. That way, should you decide to catch a Diamondbacks game sometime during the 2022 season, you’ll at least have a familiar taste (even if the familiar taste of winning isn’t there for the Diamondbacks). 

The coffee will be available on Opening Day, so whether you need it at first pitch or you need an extra hit of caffeine during the later innings, you’ll be able to find the Black Rock Coffee Bar in Section 110, which is right along the first base/right-field line. 

And maybe you forgot to grab a coffee on the drive up to Chase Field but your not really feeling a piping-hot coffee. Not a problem there either. While there will be a full selection of hot coffees, teas, and hot chocolates, there will be an expansive lineup of chilled and iced coffees as well. There will even be the company’s own Black Rock Fuel Energy Drink. So when the PA asks you to make some noise in the 9th, you’ll have all the energy required to do just that. 

Even if you’re not a baseball fan or don’t expect to make it up to a Diamondbacks game next year, you’ll still be able to enjoy the coffee here in town, as the East Broadway location officially opened on Friday, October 15. 

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